How to Increase Your Milk Supply

It’s the question of all breastfeeding moms: how can I increase my milk supply? I won’t beat around the bush, I think our society right now glorifies over supplying and it is now what we all strive for. Milk supplies can dip for numerous reasons – stress, period, lack of sleep, lack of hydration/calories, and probably everything under the sun.

I like any mom would stress about this. After my 18 months of breastfeeding here is what helped my milk supply, so please take all these with a grain of salt because I am by no means an expert, just a mama trying to help out a fellow mama.

Tips to Increase Your Milk Supply When Breastfeeding

Increase your water consumption and add in electrolytes. Breastfeeding takes so much work and depletes your body! My favorite electrolyte is CURE, make sure you use promo code BLONDE20 for 20% off! 

Eat almonds. Sounds silly I know, but it worked for me! I think because they’re packed with protein and they’re filling.

Offer your baby milk more often. The body loves this! You’re telling your body “Hey, baby is hungry, start producing” Also, make sure you are offering both sides at every feed, not only one side when you think baby is full.

More skin to skin. Think contact naps. Baby wearing. Everything we (mostly) love doing anyway.

Take a calcium/magnesium pill to help supplement with hormone drops/spikes. Your supply drops around your period so this helps combat this, I used this one.

Power pump. I swear this works miracles!  I do 20 mins, 10 off, 10 on – as needed. This helps with your supply vs. demand. Which again, just tells your body to produce more.

Try a different flange size – did you know this can change during your breastfeeding journey? I definitely didn’t! I switched flange sizes with my Spectra S1 right around 9 months to a smaller size.

Increase calories, high in protein. As if we needed another excuse to eat right? LOL

Get more sleep/rest. And of course, you are rolling your eyes. I am the epitome of needing to be doing something at all times and feeling like my to-do list doesn’t end. But this can really have a negative effect on your supply! Dare I say, sleep when the baby sleeps, lol. I won’t but you get the point.

Don’t stress about it! Easier said than done, I know, but this will help your supply. Have faith in your body that it is producing exactly what your baby needs. Just like us, some days babies are more hungry than others.

Let it take time. If you are trying these things (and maybe even others) and don’t see an immediate response, that’s normal! Keep it up, it can take 72 hours or even longer.  For more help with breastfeeding/pumping (+ things you can use to help make your life easier) check out my favorites on Amazon here.

These are things that helped me, and even if they didn’t work 100% at least I knew in my mind I was doing everything I could think of. Maybe that helped me stress less which in turn helped – who knows?

Are there any other tips that you have found? Let’s hear them all!

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