What are the Best Dog Food Delivery Services?

Dog’s health seems to be a growing topic of popularity these days and I’ve been very intrigued. Kibble or dry food is known to be filled with additives that aren’t healthy to our pups and I’ve always thought “one day” I’ll make Gatsby his own food or get him a pet food delivery service. I read this statistic,  an “average life expectancy of 13.1 years of a dog who is fed high-quality, fresh, real food versus 10.4 years for a dog for a dog who is fed kibble.” And I swear right after I saw that I stumbled across pet food delivery services and thought I’d give those a try! 

I won’t lie, one of the main reasons I didn’t switch earlier to a dog food delivery service was it’s more expensive, but then you really think about it and that’s like me saying an extra 3 years of Gatsby’s life has a price tag on it, and wow was I ready to switch immediately because he’s my everything. Here are the ones I’ve tried and my thoughts on them


I tried pet plate dog food delivery first and they deliver in two-week increments which were a lot, I live in an apartment and I would think my freezer was the typical size and it was FULL of the containers. They come frozen so you have to thaw them out before feeding your pup and use within 7 business days. I got Gatsby the “lamb” flavor because that’s the type of kibble he used. Gatsby will eat literally anything and isn’t picky but here are my personal thoughts on Pet Plate: 

The Good:

  • You could see the real food in it. 
  • It’s delivered right to your door, so no need to go out to pick up pet food. 
  • They have 4 flavors – lamb, chicken, beef, and turkey. 
  • You can skip/pause the meal service. 

The Bad: 

  • I kid you not over 75% of my freezer was full of food. 
  • They come in plastic containers which aren’t great for heating up and not environmentally friendly. 
  • If you feed your dog three times a day, this food is designed to be fed twice, so you can either divide it up yourself or skip the 3 meals. 

The Cost of Pet Plate: 

Every 2 weeks: 

14 meals per delivery
$72.95 / week


I tried nomnom next and they send you a week’s worth of food at a time which is a much more manageable amount of food to store in my opinion. They came fresh so you could pop them right into the fridge, they do recommend if you aren’t planning on using them within 7 days to put them into the freezer. 

The Good:

  • One bag is one meal so you simply open the bag and feed your pup.
  • You can also order probiotic to add to your pups food to help with normal digestion and immune support. 
  • They have 4 flavors – beef, pork, chicken, and turkey.
  • They make and ship out the food weekly. If you want less frequent deliveries then you can set those up too. 
  • You can skip weeks.
  • There were chunks of real food in it. 

The Bad:

  • Every meal is supposed to be based on your dog’s ideal weight and what they weigh now. I talked to my vet and she did the math, and she thought Gatsby needed a little more than what they offered (½ a bag more) so I go through the food quicker or have to supplement his food with something else. 
  • You only feed your dog twice a day with these, and if your dog is like Gatsby then he may miss having lunch! 
  • You can’t change the day it’s shipped out/delivered on. My food gets delivered on Friday and I recently took a long weekend and left Friday morning so my neighbor had to bring in the food. 

The Cost of NomNom varies on your delivery schedule: 

Every week:
14 meals per delivery
11 lbs of food
$71.31 / week

Every 2 weeks:
28 meals per delivery
22 lbs of food
$60.84 / week

Every 4 weeks:
56 meals per delivery
43 lbs of food
$55.59 / week

We ended up sticking with nom nom now and Gatsby still loves it! Want to try NomNom for your pup? Use this link for 50% off your first nom nom order for the best dog food delivery service. 

I didn’t try Farmer’s Dog because I actually loved Nom Nom Now so much, but I did have every intention to! Overall, we do love our pet meal delivery and do think it’s worth the extra cash. It is a little annoying if you’re taking your pup on vacation or if someone else is watching him while you’re gone. 

Want to learn more about pet food delivery and how bad kibble is? Watch Pet Fooled on Netflix! 

~XOXO, the dog mom, Amanda // Blonde out of Water

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