Weekend Guide In Kennebunkport, ME

Kennebunkport, ME

One of my favorite things about living in Boston and the East Coast in general is that there are so many places that are a driveable distance. In California, you can drive 16 hours and be in the same state! Danny and I took a weekend trip from Boston, MA to Kennebunkport, ME and had a blast! I love Southern Maine more and more every time I go, and Kennebunkport is no different. Here’s everything you need to know!

From Boston to Kennebunkport is a little over an hour and a half, which isn’t too bad for a weekend!

Where to stay:

We stayed at a cute little boutique hotel The Yachtsman Hotel & Marina and we loved it! The staff was so friendly, and every room (yes every single one) is right on the water! They had breakfast in the morning and the coffee was SO GOOD. I’m a fan of feeling like a valued guest at a hotel vs. just another guest & that was how they treated us.

Where to eat:

First off, the real question is..can you ever get enough lobster in Maine? The answer is no! You’ll get it in a second…

  • The Boathouse– We ate dinner here and it was so delish!! I got tuna poke and it was some of the best I ever had (and I swear I’m not just saying that because I was hungry.)
  • Alisson’s – We got a lobster pizza & of course your traditional lobster roll here and I must say, lobster pizza was not what I expected (not sure what I did expect) but was so good! Who knew that makes a good combo – but it does!
  • Salt & Honey – We had a light breakfast here, salmon on rye which is a cute little (it felt like local’s) hangout. The servers had locals who wanted “the usual.” It had a cute vibe to it!
  • The Clam Shack – I must admire (regrettably) that we didn’t go here. But it looked and smelled so good! We were between this and Alisson’s and our tour guide said to go to Alisson’s so we listened. So I’ve been thinking about making a trip up just for a lobster roll here..so stay tuned!

What to do:

  • As I’m sure if you follow me on Instagram – you saw, but New England Eco Adventures is a must! They have a navy rib boat (aka goes super fast) and we did the Boon Island Lighthouse & Nubble lighthouse tour. It was amazing to be so close to a lighthouse – and who knew there was a lighthouse off the coast!
  • Ride bikes! Our hotel had them to use, but we had so much fun riding along the coast. I am obsessed with Southern Maine for a reason.
  • Shop. There are so many cute little boutiques and of course the touristy shops along their downtown.
  • Get a shipyard beer. They have a tasting room right next to Federal Jacks’s which is a local bar.

~ XOXO, the Kennebunkport, ME lover, Amanda // Blonde out of Water

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