Vacation? How about staycation!

San Diego is such a fun city with so many hidden gems and new ways to experience it all! I am a HUGE fan of “staycations” why not play tourist when you only have a short 15 minute drive home. This past weekend I did a staycation at the Pacific Terrace in Pacific Beach- so yes I do work in PB, but have have done one of these there. The Pacific Terrace is right on the water, and you can lay by the pool and see the ocean.

My luck as the date approached was stormy- you know this big el nino is a godzilla and has returned according to the weather people. I swear I could be one with how much they exaggerate. And as much as sitting by the ocean, on a patio, listening to the rain sounded nice, I was a little bummed it was supposed to rain. But hey, that’s life, right?

We lucked out! It only rained on Saturday and then Sunday morning but by Sunday mid-morning it was gorgeous!  I lounged by the pool, caught up on some reading, and then my favorite part- the jacuzzi tub! Heart eyes!  I did also love my less than 10 minute drive to work on Monday morning.

Living in such a destination city, there’s often times so much to explore that we who live there would never think to do. I love love love playing tourist though, because I love traveling and sometimes it’s the only time I have to feel like one. Since San Diego is a destination city, hotels often times have deals for locals, or even on living social especially during the slow time to try and get people in!

~ XOXO, the well rested San Diegan

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