Ultimate Guide To Pairing Halloween Candy With Wine

Are you too old for trick or treating? Did you not get as many trick or treaters as you thought you would this year? Did your kids get far too much Halloween candy? Wouldn’t some leftover Halloween candy taste better with a nice, classy glass of wine? Not to my surprise, Halloween candy can (and should!) be paired with wine. Here’s your ultimate guide to pairing Halloween candy with wine. Cheers witches, let’s get you to go from spooky to tipsy.

The Best Wines to Pair with Your Halloween Candy

Candy Corn & Prosecco

I would go as far as to say that candy corn is one of the most controversial Halloween candies out there because you either love it or hate it. Me personally? No thank you. Candy corn is a sweet, buttery-tasting candy with a waxy texture and the bubbles in the prosecco will soften the pure sugar flavors.

Skittles & Sauvignon Blanc

Skittles are a sweet, yet fruity candy and the Sauvignon Blanc is fruity and zesty at the same time makes it a great pair. This wine will help tone down the sugary-ness and bright out the fruity flavors since it is made with lime, green apple, passion fruit, and white peach flavors it compliments the sweet and fruity flavors.

Hershey Bars & Zinfandel

Is Halloween complete without the iconic Hershey’s chocolate? Hersey’s is sweet milk chocolate that pairs perfectly with the jammy qualities of Zinfandel. This combo makes it taste chocolate covered berries with every sip.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups & Merlot

Chocolate plus peanut butter is already a perfect pairing, but a glass of Merlot will elevate your taste bud’s senses. Since the peanut butter is a little fluffy, and little extra tannins in the Merlot with aromas such as cherry and chocolate pairs perfectly with Reese’s, especially the ones that are shaped like pumpkins.

Kit Kats & Pinot Noir

When you think of Kit Kats do you automatically sing “Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar” as I do? Either way, Kit Kats and Pinot Noir go hand in hand because Pinot Noir’s light body with cherry and plum tastes make the Kit Kat taste like you’re eating a chocolate-covered cherry. Yes…please and thank you.

Snickers & Cabernet Sauvignon

It takes a special wine to pair with so many flavors of caramel, peanuts, and milk chocolate. Because of this, you will need a wine with equally as many flavors, like a Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabs are majority made with dark fruits/grapes which will help contrast the saltiness of the peanuts but at the same time complement the sweet and sugariness of the chocolate.

Butterfingers & Pinot Grigio

Butterfingers are sweet, crunchy, and savory and have a butter flavor wrapped in milk chocolate which makes it perfect for a dry and tangy Pinot Grigio. Pinot Grigios tend to have a citrus aftertaste which blends perfectly with the sweetness and crunchiness of the chocolate.

There you have it, your ultimate guide to pairing wines with Halloween candy. Do you have a favorite wine you pair with Halloween candy that I missed? Let me know!

~ XOXO, the not so spooky, but very tipsy, Amanda // Blonde out of Water

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