Tips To Help You Deal With Daily Stress

When it comes to stress we all feel some sort of level with it. Feeling anxious, feeling depressed, or just not ourselves. Throw in a crazy pandemic, working from home, kids being home 24/7 and just an understandable feeling of how long this will last has been affecting us all. Studies show that Americans now more than ever have been reporting an increase in their mental health issues and the majority is due to the pandemic.

With times being as stressful as ever, this product is right on time. Gain your confidence and hair back, and start focusing on what amazing new hairstyles you’ll try out! Nobody feels that they are at their best and that is to be expected right now because of the uncertainty. Many are figuring out how to navigate this new normal but, one of the best things that are happening right now is that you are not the only one going through it. We all are trying to work through it.

Many women feel that they are more stressed out related to the pandemic than ever before. For women with young children, social organizations, and kids who were in several after-school activities, they aren’t happening as much anymore. As a whole, women are more used to being able to have those events to socialize and connect with other parents who they might not see as often. Diminishing that social connection can make them feel overwhelmed and more turning towards anxiety levels at a higher rate. Below are a few tips to help out!

  1. Sleep Well. Have you been having trouble sleeping lately? You’re not alone in the matter. Regardless of if your brain is keeping up because of worry or your kids are waking up in the middle of the night, there are ways to help you cope with it. In the middle of the day if you are feeling anxious, write down everything that is making you feel unsteady. Writing it down and figuring out a way to compartmentalize your worries and then they won’t intrude on your sleep at night. It’s easy for the days to lay in bed and replay the day but having this habit before bed can interfere with your body and mind relaxing and allow you to fall asleep or stay asleep. I always like to meditate before bed to put my mind in a better palace at the end of the day.
  2. Find Things That Bring You Joy. When was the last time that you felt joy or accomplished? Have you felt connected to people or something recently? It could be a book that you take a break and read in the afternoon or watch a video of your children when they were little. These simple and small activities can help alter your mood and your mindset. Focus on the time that you felt uplifted and nourished. Experiment with doing these activities to help you feel those emotions again. Also, take a few small breaks every hour to help, like scheduling time for a run or a walk around the neighborhood with friends to break up your day if you can.
  3. Exercise. One way to help ease stress is doing some sort of exercise. It doesn’t need to be anything intense but it does help release some happy endorphins that make you feel accomplished. I enjoy doing a variety of exercises including yoga, cardio, strength and spin classes. I even have friends to work out with and start a bit of a competition to keep me accountable and also motivated.
  4. Get Assistance From Professionals. If you’ve been feeling the stress and noticing changes of anxiety but also physical changes in your hair, it might be time to seek professional help. If you live in California, there’s an incredible company called Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation. Started by founder, Jeff Villenas, this incredible barber has served thousands of clients and established a reputation as one of the most seasoned and skilled S.M.P. specialists in the Midwest region. His scalp micropigmentation in Los Angeles offers a non-surgical treatment option for those who are seeing baldness occur in various forms both in men and women. For those seeking a more full-looking head of hair, this procedure has you looking and feeling your best, without really seeing a difference between your true hair follicles and the microdot tattoos.
  5. Give Yourself Grace. One of the mistakes that most of us make is we don’t realize what we’re doing and accomplishing and we minimize our activities. I think it’s important to take the time to realize all the things they’ve done and not set unrealistic expectations for themselves. It takes a bit more time to plan because our lives are not running as usual and you need to acknowledge what we are doing more work than we usually do. As a parent, we care for everyone and we’re taking care of your children and their partners but we’re often worried about their parents or older generations. For most mothers, it’s a lot of self-judgment and criticism, and blame, and that we can easily get incorporated into this pandemic world. They have this expectation that they should be able to manage this situation like they manage everything else.

Stress can happen anytime but it’s knowing how to deal with it that can make your day run smoother. Try a few of these tips to assist yourself and see if anything works. Looking for other ways to improve your overall health and wellness? Here are some of the New Years Resolutions that I am sticking to.

~ XOXO, the anti-stress queen, Amanda // Blonde out of Water

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