The Best Seasonal Holiday Items at Trader Joe’s

It’s time, it’s officially time!! The holiday season is here!! Can you picture little Elf Amanda saying that? Because I hope you did! As promised, I am letting you guys in on what I think are the best seasonal holiday items at the famous Trader Joe’s aka my Trader Joe’s Holiday Haul! 

Holiday Items at Trader Joe’s

I’ve tried most of everything I like to think and I love Christmas so I’ll take every excuse to get festive, here are my favorite (must buy’s – if you will) of what you should buy this season! So let’s start the season of eating…diet starts in the new year, right?! From Thanksgiving to Christmas and even into New Year’s we all have countless parties to attend to bring things, and these are perfect! Or if you don’t, indulge yourself!

Autumn Maple Coffee

Is there anything more cozy than a freshly brewed warm cups of coffee on a cool morning? I don’t think so! These grounds have a hint of maple, just enough so you can taste it but it’s not overwhelming for a sweet cup for your morning!

Jingle Jangle

This is addicting so be careful, you can probably eat the whole container without realizing! It’s that good. This is a combination of milk chocolate-covered mini pretzels WITH dark chocolate-covered caramel popcorn, dark chocolate-covered Joe Joe’s cookie bits, candy-coated milk chocolate gems, AND mini peanut butter cups. Need I say more? P.S. they even have a jingle jangle ice cream if you want more!

Cranberry Chevre OR Fig Fresh Goat Cheese

I love adding a log of goat cheese to any cheese board…and why not make your board more festive while you’re at it. I personally LOVE the fig and LIKE the cranberry chevre but I also like a little more savory than sweet. Either option you can’t go wrong! Really any option from the Trader Joe’s cheese section you can’t go wrong.

Eggnog Greek Yogurt

You egg nog lovers can run to the store ASAP! Because this is for you! I like to think of this yogurt as Christmas in a cup and I like to think it’s a little better for you than the traditional eggnog. And they also have eggnog almond milk. 

Turkey and Stuffing Seasoned Kettle Chips

You guys, these are my new favorite. You know how Lay’s (or whoever these days) always tries to come out with new/odd flavors of chips and 9/10 they fail? Well, of course Trader Joe’s didn’t. These kettle chips are the perfect amount of flavor mixed with the perfect amount of chips mixed with the perfect amount of crunch.

Spiced Cider

HOLY MOLY, this spiced cider is so good warm! I love with with a shot of your favorite alcohol, or even warm for the kiddies! It makes me feel so festive and gets me into the seasonal holiday mood!

Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s

For everyone who love the spiced cider Joe-Joe’s, those are good. But these are great. Like buy a few extra to put in your freezer so in February you can grab a box! They’re your traditional Joe-Joe’s but with candy cane pieces mixed into the cream. If you really wanna go all can get them dipped in dark chocolate or throw them on top of your cup of hot chocolate! 

Breaded Turkey-less Stuffed Roast with Gravy

As Trader Joe’s is always good for, this is an option for both vegetarians and vegans on Thanksgiving, and I like their meatless of course I like this. Yes, it’s not real turkey, but it’s pretty delish and I guarantee you wouldn’t even notice.

Naughty or Nice Dog Treats

Gatsby will only be eating the nice dog treats this season because we’re not taking any chances. They also have puppy treat advent calendar, and you can bet Gatsby got one of those!

Winter Snowflake Pasta

These snowflakes are your typical pasta but I swear they taste better! If you’re like me and living in a warmer city where you won’t be getting snow then this helps fill the void (a little!)

Turkey Cranberry Meatballs

If you know me, you know I love Trader Joe’s frozen appetizers and these meatballs are no different. These are dreamy! They’re so perfect for any occasion – you can serve them as an appetizer with toothpicks or on top of Trader Joe’s snowflake pasta. Am I too festive? No, okay good..but on a serious note, they have turkey, cranberries, and flavors of stuffing inside so it’s like you’re eating a Thanksgiving dinner in one bite. 

Dark Chocolate Minty Mallows

Since I’m the one who’s always on a diet, these are perfect because they’re bite size (portion control). They’re peppermint-flavored marshmallows coated in dark chocolate which are great for something to satisfy your sweet tooth or put out on the dessert table!

Mashed Sweet Potatoes With Pecans

This is the perfect holiday side…with ZERO stress but all the yum. This is your typical sweet potatoes, butter, cinnamon, and maple-roasted pecans side dish that all you have to do is heat up. And waaa-laaa, your dish is done. 

Cinnamon Rugelach

Trader Joe’s sadly didn’t bring back their cinnamon roll wreath, but this is almost as good. It’s more of a croissant texture and rolled with a date and cinnamon filling. I like to top it with a little bit of powdered sugar for a “snow like” effect. 

Scallops Wrapped In Uncured Bacon With Brown Sugar Glaze

It’s a little DUH moment that these are delicious…scallops and bacon, I know is everyone’s favorite, so I’m curious when Trader Joe’s will get smart and keep this item year round. This is an impressive (and easy) appetizer for any meal or to bring to a party! Another win for Trader Joe’s frozen food section. These are some of the best appetizers from Trader Joe’s. 

Camembert Cheese And Cranberry Sauce Fillo Bites

If you love the savory and sweet then this is your new go to. It’s both not to mention flakey and gooey so they cover all the bases! Can it get better? They only bake for 12 minutes!

Hot Cocoa O’s

Holiday spirit doesn’t stop for a quick breakfast as if Trader Joe’s could read minds, they knew this and hot cocoa o’s are the perfect seasonal breakfast for something quick! You’ll get chocolatey O’s with freeze-dried marshmallows, who says you can’t have hot chocolate for breakfast?

Baked Lemon Ricotta Cheese

Now this…this is a game changer! It may not go well with your typical pasta dish because this ricotta has lemon and sugar which makes it perfect for a cracker and a tart jam. This can be used on either a cheese or dessert plate! 

Scandinavian Tidings

These are perfect to put out on a table to add more red and green and another option for easy snacking. They also are great to keep in your desk drawer for a mid day slump or throw in your child’s lunch for a treat!

Mini Gingerbread Men

Can you get more festive than gingerbread men? If you’re like me then you’ve had your fill with a bite or two, which is why I love these so much! Trader’s says that 3 cookies is one serving…not that we count serving sizes in any sitting during the holidays. 

Turkey Pot Pie with Stuffing

Pot pies are one of my favorite items during the cold months and this is no different. If you’re eager for Thanksgiving then go run to get this! You’ll get turkey, veggies, turkey gravy, cornbread stuffing, dried cranberries, and of course a puff pastry!

Ugly Sweater Cookie Kit

These are like your typical cookie decorating, but just with your typical ugly sweater! This comes with cookies, frosting, and some sprinkles so you can make your own ugly, yet cute sweaters!

Nantucket Style Cranberry Pie

This is great for last minute get togethers where you don’t know what to bring or even just to throw in the oven on a weekend night with a glass of wine! This is the perfect holiday dessert and you can top with some vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. 

DRUMROLL PLEASEEE..for my all time favorite!

French Onion Soup Bites

These are the perfect frozen appetizer (or meal) and I feel so fancy eating these! They have caramelized onions and Swiss cheese, seasoned with a vegetable broth. Basically you get french onion soup with no need for a spoon. 

If you’re looking for some other frozen food appetizers from Trader Joe’s that are amazing but they have them year round, check out my blog post! My favorite frozen appetizers from Trader Joe’s or even my favorite Trader Joe’s Finds and the Best Trader Joe’s Fall Items!

Did I miss something? Let me know!

~ XOXO, Amanda, the elf who’s ready to eat! // Blonde out of Water

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