The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers on Amazon

The Best Gifts on Amazon for Wine Lovers 

Looking for gifts for women who love wine or people who live by the it’s wine o’clock somewhere motto? Not to mention, it’s totally acceptable, in fact even encouraged if you’re looking for some gifts for yourself. Whether you’re looking for a fun gift, a wine decoration for your house, house warming, a white elephant, stocking stuffer, or something to #treatyoself – I have got you covered from A – Z. 

Amazon Gift Ideas for the Wine Lover

DIY Wine Cork Board Frame Kit

I love this because I love to save wine works, I think they’re a simple, easy, and very cost effective way to decorate. You’ll be able to create your own bulletin board out of your own wine corks, this particular frame kit comes with very durable and nice wood so all you have to do is layer your corks in. This is also a great gift for someone who tries to recycle and be sustainable. You can arrange the corks any way you’d like, I like the cross hatch personally. 






Metal Wall Mount “Wine” Letters Cork Holder


This is for the people who still want to drink the wine, recycle/be sustainable, but yet just have to place the corks in the letters instead of DIYing anything. Still just as cute if you ask me, but without the work. I picture this above a wine rack, wine shelf, or wine fridge (just like the one I like, review linked here). It’s also great because the letters are able to be mounted separately so you can arrange them any way you want. 


Wine Cork Holder – Metal Monogram Letter


I think these are beyond perfect for the wine lover in your life for a housewarming gift, bridal shower decoration or gift, wedding gift, or birthday gift. They’re versatile because you don’t have to put wine corks in them, you could do fall leaves or ornaments for the holidays too! The letters depending on each letter can hold about 50 corks so get drinking. 






Mounted Wood Wine Bottle and Wine Glass Holder


This is a great space savor and can be placed anywhere in the house – kitchen, dining room, living room. It’s also easy to move around as desired and doesn’t damage the walls. It holds stemware along with bottles and any accessories, you can even put décor on the shelf. It’s a farmhouse chic look and if you want I do think you could stain the wood to match wood in your house. The best part? You create so much extra space with this shelf. 



Red Wine Balloon Glasses


I love a small stemmed glass and I think these are so unique and different! Great for yourself or a gift for wine lovers. These red wine glasses come in a set of four, and you can break them apart for your group of girlfriends to include with a bottle of their favorite red. They even have a one year warranty! 





Wine Skin Bag

These are great for traveling and buying wine to bring home! These are safe to fly with and great for road trips. For anyone who wants to or is planning on going to Italy or Napa (or any wine destination) these are a must. I know I wish I had these when I went to Italy last summer! I was so scared the wine was going to break in my suitcase and get all over everything. They are also super easy to use, all you have to do is slip the wine bottle in one and you are good to go. 


Wine Pens


I envision these at a party where you write your name on them, a fun work event or a bachelorette! I think the options are endless with funny/punny things you could write on them. Nicknames for people, “hostess with the mostest” or “always the drunk friend,” any catch phrases you call your friends is perfect. 






Wine Picnic Set


I know I can’t be the only one who loves picnics, and loves to bring wine to their picnics! This is so perfect to carry a bottle of wine (they do make these for up to four bottles), glasses, and a wine opener. This set comes with 2 x Plastic Wine Glasses (perfect for the beach or park),1 x Steel Corkscrew, 1 x Bottle Stopper, and 2 x napkins. Really what else do you need?! Other than the wine bottle of course. 



Wine Doormat


I loveeee a good door mat, and this one is one of my favorites! “Welcome I hope you brought wine” is what we all need in front of our front door. Because yes, welcome, but also 100% hope you brought me wine. Perfect for indoor/outdoor with a solid black bottom. 




Silicone Wine Glasses


I at first will be the first to admit that I thought these were so weird because they almost collapse in your hand, but I now love them! They are perfect to bring along to your picnic or anywhere outside where you don’t want to have glass but still be stylish. These come in bright colors and will be sure to be one of the more popular glasses anywhere you bring these. They’re also great for more than wine – even cocktails, champagne, coffee, ice beer, iced tea, juices, and water.



Wine Decanter


This is the perfect gift for every wine lover in your life. If your wine cart/bar is missing this – then it’s a necessity even. This particular decanter is great quality, looks beautiful, and designed in Italy. For those of you who don’t know what a decanter is, it separates the wine from the sediment and allows you to pour the wine without getting any of the sediment. 






Wine Aerator


Another great gift like a wine decanter is a wine aerator! This particular one is electronic so you don’t have to do too much work for your wine. This will also help you keep your wine sediment not in your glass/your mouth. 




Not only is wine delicious to drink, but wine-related gifts are also great for friends and yourself!

Be sure to check out all these items and more on my Amazon storefront, or just these wine lovers items here

Now it’s up to you to track down the wine enthusiasts in your life. What are some wine gifts on Amazon that you found and love? The sommelier in me is always looking for new and noteworthy gifts! 

~ XOXO, the sommelier in training, Amanda // Blonde out of Water

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