Summer In New England

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As Summer, as I hate to admit, is over – I’ve been clinging onto every last seconds I can get, but with as cold as it is in New England..FOR SO LONG, can you really blame me that I want to relive all of these moments?

Let’s start this off by saying 1) I can’t believe it’s Fall and 2) Where did summer really go?!

My Summer in New England Recap

A lot happened this summer probably the biggest being we hit our one year in Boston mark. Which is actually crazy, crazy to think I’ve lived in New England for a year & survived living with Danny for a year! Tehehe! Last year we spent almost every weekend up at the lake in New Hampshire doing #lakelife and no, we can’t complain but this year, we did a lot more in the city! Yet still enjoyed #lakelife. I got a new job – I got out of the never ending sales cycle (YAY!) and I am now doing marketing for small businesses. It’s such a relief to be out of a job you aren’t particularly fond of and to be immersed in things you love.

We also moved into a bigger apartment (yes, big for Boston) a whopping four blocks away from our old one, but we love it, it’s a much better layout than our older apartment, so more room for Gatsby. I did lose my picturesque bathroom and tub (AKA why you’re not seeing it on Instagram) but all in all, we’re happy with our move.

Of course by moving to a new city we had a lot of visitors, which I couldn’t be more happy about. My parents came and visited. We also had a few of my friends (sorry Danny, maybe your friends can not be lame and join in as well!)

And yes, we have friends! So we got to hangout a lot with them + had a lot of people visit. Here’s a few ideas of things you must do while you’re in New England in the summer! And no, it doesn’t get any better than New England in the summer! This is what we did a lot of, and splurged on to really enjoy summer.

Go to a local brewery 

We went to Harpoon Brewery, but there are a lot of beers that are brewed in Boston or right outside the city!

couple with dog at brewery

Eat lots of Lobster Rolls

Want to see more of my lobster rolls? I have a whole post on them!

lobster roll

Go to Nashoba winery

I went here when my cousin visited, it’s about an hour from Boston & fairly reasonably priced, plus it’s dog friendly!

dog and girl drinking wine

Catch a Red Sox game

& skip the Fenway Frank — Go for the loaded nachos instead.

Go to the beach in the North Shore, MA

It’s sand that isn’t rocky and grainy!

dog at beach

Celebrate everything

We celebrated Gatsby’s 5th birthday (don’t mind me, just crying at how fast they grow up.) with a dog cake from Dog Eat Cake

Dog celebrating his birthday

Do a weekend getaway

We spent ours in Kennebunkport, ME. There’s so many great drivable distances from Boston not to go on a weekend to see a new city!

couple kissing

Eat oysters on a patio

Add a glass of rose and it’s a perfect afternoon!


Watch a sunset from a rooftop barsunset on the rooftop


Workout ….outside!

working out outside

Go on a harbor cruise

Spend a weekend on a lake

It’s so nice to get out of the city, breathe fresh air, and just do nothing.

Lake views

Go to a country concert

We went and saw Luke Bryan at Fenway & the convert venue is amazing, but there’s nothing like seeing a country concert in the Summer. We also didn’t get any pictures because Danny’s phone died that night.’s a picture of Luke!

luke bryan

Perfect your margarita recipe

I’ve been hooked on this! And I think I found a mix that isn’t full of sugar – see below!margarita mixers


Honestly spend every waking moment outside because summer here is very short lived and it will be over before you know it. *disclaimer* from being a summer, So Cal girl, I am not being dramatic.

~ XOXO, the summer lovin’, Amanda // Blonde out of Water

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