Stagecoach Tips & Tricks!

Being a Stagecoach newbie, having no idea what to expect, going with a small group (of me and one other friend), finding other friends to hangout with was our goal! We left friday mid-morning having food, and outfits (one specific for each day) all picked out, packed, and we were on our way to learn all that there was about Stagecoach!

First tip: Actually make sure you bring all your clothes you want!

  • My mistake: thinking I was being proactive and putting two dresses on a hanger instead of shoving them into a bag. WRONG! When I realized almost to Indio, that I had forgotten them! Thank goodness of retired dads and overnight shipping on that one! Also, make sure to put your wristband on your right hand, it’ll come in handy as you walk in and have to scan it. (People will also label you as a new newbie if you don’t)

2) Be mentally prepared to eat “fair food” as I like to call it, every second, and love it. They had every option there, pizza, baked potatoes, nachos, burritos, grilled cheese, thai food, ice cream, and I could go on and on.

  • Pizza by the slice- Best thing we ate, imagine the cheesy goodness
  • Chili cheese fries- Worst thing we ate, soggy chunky cheese was not all i thought it would be (but still enjoyed every second of it)

3) VITAMIN B COMPLEX!! I swear by taking this, I was never hungover, some say just wait til you’re older than 25. Not that I have ever really had bad hangovers. Take it when you get back at night and then first thing in the morning.

4) Stay at a hotel with a shuttle. Our mistake was about 2 weeks before stagecoach was when we decided we were going. With almost every hotel filled (or crazy expensive), we were able get in at my friend’s Mom’s timeshare! Buttttt that didn’t have a shuttle so we had to get creative with our ride situation.

5) Be prepared to walk, a lot! Not only is the trek in forever, but then we walked all over and with walking, comes blisters! Ugh, if I could never get another one, my life just would be that much more on it’s way to getting complete. For your amusement: Friday we walked 9.03 miles, Saturday 6.91 miles, and Sunday 9.79 miles. Day three I was in my most comfortable flip flops. UPDATE: Since Stagecoach I have perfected the sock combination for my cowboy boots.

6) DRINK, drink a lot, dance your butt off (listen to Luke Bryan when he tells you to shake it), and enjoy every second cause it goes by so fast! And everyday after you will wish you were back, or at least I do.


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