Southie Food Tour

If you’ve stayed up to date on my instagram I am always eating! I really can’t help it because there’s so many new places in Boston popping up all. the. time. And I don’t even remotely keep up!

Back story: we live in South Boston, MA which goes by “Southie” in these parts! And the food scene is unreal, it’s amazing. Here’s some of the popular places we’ve tried or are regulars at. Before you read, make sure you grab your stretchy pants!

Lincoln Tavern: This was one of the first places I ate at when I moved to Boston, and I quickly became obsessed! Their food is amazing. I kid you not. Their brunch has SO many good options, and I think they put a magic potion in their hollandaise sauce, because I have no idea why it’s so good. But their pizzas, burger, salads, it’s all so good.

Brunch in South BostonLincoln Breakfast Pizza

Capo: This place is an italian spot, and is it as good as the North End’s authentic italian? I wouldn’t say so. But does it curb the cravings for some pasta? Sure. It also turns into a live music bar downstairs at night, but you have to get there early to be able to go by 8pm. What I would get: I think it’s always better to go with their specials and obviously the cheese board.

Punk & Poet : You walk in here, and it’s a giant “I HATE MONDAY’S” neon sign glowing, and you immediately think, yes me too. They have a wall of old books, like you’d be in your grandparents office which creates a cute vibe. They have great brunch foods, buffalo chicken bene, potato bombs, HUGE breakfast sandwiches. And fresh pressed coffee! What I would get: Benedict, sourdough sandwich, and of course potato bombs.

Benedict at Punk and Poet

Amrheins: I wanted to go to this place at first because they have “A’s” on all their cups…get it? “A”manda. Yes, it’s cheesy, I know. What I would get: buffalo chicken dip, roasted beet/goat cheese salad, and chicken pot pie.

The Broadway: I think the brunch is where it’s at. Or the burger, throw an egg on it and call it brunch. I’d say they’re famous for their boozy donuts. What to get: any of the breakfast pizzas. And the espresso martini, because it’s on tap!

Espresso Martini The broadway burger

The Paramount: My favorite thing to do here is grab a breakfast to go, take it down to castle island and have a little picnic. Whether it’s an omelette for breakfast or a buffalo chicken wrap for lunch, it’s always consistent and good. What I would get: buff chick wrap, cobb salad, or an omelette.

Loco Taqueria: They have me hook, line, & sinker with their margaritas! We’ve been there more than a few times and whenever someone visits a marg from Loco is always on the list. But what I am also obsessed with from here is their nachos. Nachos in Boston that satisfy the craving are hard to come by- and they have it down! What I would get: a marg, duh, you at least have to try a coconut one, but my favorite is the el hefe or house, nachos, and throw in some shrimp tacos (every taco I’ve had is good, so I don’t think you can do wrong).

Nachos at Loco

Coppersmith: This place has a food truck in it, does that say enough? There have a killer roof deck on top, with fun string lights. They have a projector that comes down to watch all the great sport games. What to get here: all. the apps. Southie tots, spare ribs, brussels. You name it, they’re all good.

Publico Street Bistro: For winter, they turned this place into a ski lodge/winter wonderland with fire pits outside and really encouraged people to sit on the patio (and freeze) but drink and eat! A great use of space if you ask me. Their claim to fame in my book is their brunch- if you go for lunch/dinner, I’d be safe and get a flatbread. What to get: bag of beignets and chilaquiles.

Kitchen door at publico Chilaquiles at Publico

Local 149: So this place has a lot of different things that sounds good, what drew me in here was the lobster mac muffin (see below) where I had to go in and try it. Very fun. What to get: fruity pebble waffle sliders and steak and tots…just make sure you spend the rest of the day at the gym.

Lobster MacMuffin from Local 149

Fat Baby: They are known for the sushi and cocktails, what more do you need in life? They have a lot to choose from, and they just opened not too long ago so the wait time has been long. I’ve only been once but need to go back to try more things! What to get (so far): Mai-Tais, dumplings, crab rangoons, spicy crunchy maki, and spicy tuna roll.

Fat Baby South Boston

Now I know Southie is only a small part of Boston but as you can tell…I’ve never been hungry from the day I’ve moved in!

~ XOXO, Amanda

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