Reasons Why I Love Living in Southern California

Have you heard of the saying that if you can’t beat them, join them? I think that’s a lot of the reason why (simply put) people move to Southern California (or SoCal to introduce you to some lingo) or don’t leave. After all, how many songs have been written about California? A lot, I know. Despite the insane cost of living on the coast, the endless traffic, and yes if you’re not from a city there are a lot of people, I love living in California.

Why California is the Best

A set of white surf boards in Southern California

The Ocean. I am such an ocean person and everything that comes with it. There are so many outdoor/water activities that are so fun, like surfing that makes me feel like home. I love ending my days with a slight sunburn, windblown hair, and salty skin. You also can’t forget the health benefits – scientists have been studying how the ocean helps you both mentally and physically including reduced stress and increased physical activity.

Mexican Food. Living out of state has made me realize and appreciate this cuisine more than I could have imagined. There’s nothing like a huge carne asada burrito with some fresh guac for every meal.

The Weather. For starters, I do think fall foliage is beyond beautiful and there’s nothing like waking up to a fresh powder…but how can you complain when you rarely see below 60 degrees? In San Diego, our average year-round temperature is 72 degrees, so that means that 60 degrees are COLD. There’s just so much to say about sunshine and how it 100% affects my mood. Sure, we do get the occasional Santa Ana winds in the fall, and every now and then an El Nino you can pretty much wear the same attire year-round.

The Laid Back Vibes. We have a reputation here for being more laid back and I can’t argue that. Most people say hi and are very approachable.

Wine. California – and Southern California – is home to some pretty good wines which gives SoCal an A+ to me.

The Best of Both Worlds. Obviously, I’m an ocean girl, but it’s can wake up at the beach and be in the mountains by lunch.

All the Southern California Cities. I live in San Diego, but Southern California is home to some of my favorite areas. Palm Springs, Big Sur, Napa Valley, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach, and Malibu… Just to name a few.

Never Far From Anything. I can be at a coffee shop in less than 5 minutes, the beach in 30 minutes, downtown in 20 minutes, and Disneyland in less than 2 hours. Anything I need (or want) is always within a few hours away.

Healthy Living & Vitamin D. Even if you aren’t into water sports, SoCal is all about healthy living. We have endless farmer’s markets every day of the week that supply our farm to table restaurants. Getting outside is just how we live. With great weather and hiking/boardwalks/anything, you’d want to exercise there’s no reason to stay cooped up outside.

Dog Friendly. San Diego is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the United States. It’s uncommon for restaurants not to have a spot to hang out with your pup and a lot of the time they even have a doggy menu!

What’s it like to live in San Diego?

They don’t call it America’s finest city for nothing. There’s amazing food, the people are welcoming and we have a warm climate year-round. San Diego is in close proximity to famous destinations (like Hollywood and Los Angeles) and activities like the San Diego Zoo or SeaWorld. San Diego is a very diverse city where you’ll find people from everywhere in the United States and the world and from places, you didn’t even know existed, like Nebraska (where’s that?!).

There are many neighborhoods depending on if you want a beach or an urban or suburban environment. But no matter where you live, you can get to whatever you want I say within 20 minutes. San Diego offers world-class dining, professional sports (even if they don’t win), and endless entertainment options.

Still not convinced? Come see for yourself.

~ XOXO, the California Girl, Amanda // Blonde out of Water

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