The Obsession Behind Santa Barbara

In case you didn’t know, I’m a big believer in getting away from the constant hustle and bustle of daily life. The mundane routine, whatever you wanna call it. And in case you didn’t, know I have an love, an obsession, for a small coastal town in central California, Santa Barbara. Here’s why.. this is our happy place

(Ignore whatever my hair is doing in this picture above)

First of all, I grew up spending summer’s up there, with for all intensive purposes with my family friend- like an aunt! We did all sorts of fun things- beach, children’s museums, camping, cooking, crafting, farming, you name it we did it! She has since now passed, so of course the sentimental person I am, this city is her. It emcompasses our memories, times we shared, laughs, and everything I remember her by.

Second, it’s beautiful. Ugh, the vast mountain range along the ocean. You can face the mountains seeing cactus and steep rocks climbing, while the waves crash along the palm trees, and seagulls (chirp?) behind.

Not that I am a local by any means…or will ever claim to be…but here’s a few things I’d recommend.


Everyone has to have their morning roast right? Santa Barbara Roasting Company is where you have to spend every morning. I challenge you, go there your first morning and try not to go back. They coffee roaster that roaster that you can see right in front of you! So you walk in and immediately smell the coffee! Amazing.

Total touristy, but have to go is Moby Dick, salmon eggs bene for brunch? All day everyday. It’s on the end of the pier- so if you get there early you can park right out in front. And yet of course, the views are amazing.

Fish house  had really good everything- blood orange margaritas, I got the ahi tuna which was amazing! And there’s a huge fish tank in the front, win!

State Street Sushi a fun little sushi spot- we sat in an awkward little room, you can tell they grew fast so wanted more space, whatever they could find. But I can’t complain about their sushi. It was fresh, and delicious.

Now for the fun part: wine

They have a new little area called the funk zone with many wineries and breweries popping up so it’s a great place to walk around and try different spots!

SB winery: You go there for the name, you don’t go back for the customer service…or the wine. First place we went to, and last place we’ll go back. Short, sweet, and to the point.

Margerum I loved their logo (of course) and I thought they had good wines- a little on the sweet side for me. I really liked their wine BROse a twist on your typical Rose, so the sweet guys can drink it and keep their man card. I did accidently drop the wine glass I got to bring home out of the car when we were packing up to leave 🙁

It seemed like everywhere we went we were trying wines, at restraurants, at our hotel, needless to say, our cup was never empty.


Right outside of Santa Barbara is a little town called Jalama where the drive out there, looks like what I’d imagine Ireland to look like. You drive down into the beach and there’s beautiful shells and driftwood along the whole stretch of beach. Great for souvenirs, or maybe a display. Or like I did when I was young, make a hanging wind chime out of them. <– eat for a second, but there is a burger place in the state park (where you can camp too, they have sites and little cottages) and it is one of the best burgers I’ve ever had in my whole life. And that’s saying a lot, so obviously it’s a must to try the Jalama Beach Store Burger.

Los Olivos I think it took me our whole long weekend to be able to say this correctly. Here, is a small town, full of wineries, and little shops. It’s famous for Sideways being filmed at Los Olivos Cafe which has amazing bread that they bring you to start. Everything to eat here was fabulous- pizza, salad, and burgers a like! Can I have their rosemary lemonade everyday? PLEASE! We tried to go to Saarloos & Sons but walked in (when it was empty) and no one talked to us so we left (BYE!) and went across the street to Epiphany Cellars and their wine was I think my favorite I had the whole time! If you’re a red fan- this is your place! A must stop in: Honey Paper because you’ll always need a card for the perfect occasion. I thought that card shown below was hilarious and I got a good friend a wedding card! Also, if you ever go, stop by Heather Cottage, it’s a little yellow building, when I knew it, it was a little store where I played in while my aunt ran the store, when we were just there it was a winery that was closing.

(I thought this card was hilarious)


Ride bikes on the boardwalk! A west coast must- or maybe even a scurry aka a car bike.

State Street has soo many shops- it’s like a mall lined up from your big stores, Macy’s, etc. To cute little boutiques and surf shops! They call it “shop and stroll”

HOME if I could transport their store and make it my house I would. Everything in it is so cute- it murders pottery barn and crate & barrel AND home goods. Hands down, a must. The this is our happy place sign on the top, is from here. And if our stuff from SD ever comes, it’ll be hanging in my little Boston apartment.

If this isn’t starting to peek your interest of my favorite little town, I don’t know what will! It’s making me want to go back already!


~XOXO, Cheers, Amanda

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