My Favorite Trader Joe’s Finds

I love Trader Joe’s for many many reasons but I find their food is so easy to throw together and you can make delicious meals and not break the bank. So here are a few of my favorites and what I buy every time I go.
They are constantly adding new things – snacks, dinners, frozen apps, and my favorite: WINE!
I’m almost like a kid in the toy store when I go and here’s why/what are my favorite finds:

Trader Joe's Favorites l Boston, MA

Cheese – I find their cheeses have unbeatable (except Costco) prices. My favorite: pepper jack jalapeno, triple cream brie, garlic and herb goat, and asiago.
Green dragon hot sauce– Where else can I find “verde” hot sauce? Is it the same as your local taco shop? No way, but it does just fine
Sweet potato fries – They’re frozen, you throw them into the oven (I throw some everything bagel seasoning on them) and then BAM they’re so so tasty. And a perfect side, I’ve also attempted to make these myself and they don’t nearly come close.
Mac ‘n cheese – If you’re tired and craving something delicious, here is your go-to. Throw it in the microwave/oven and you have restaurant quality mac!
Everything but the bagel seasoning – This is hands down my favorite thing that traders has. I put it on everything, literally everything. From an avocado to eggs to chicken, it makes everything “plain” taste AMAZING.
Cauliflower Pizza Crust – I had been wanting to try and make this for awhile when I saw it here. I tried it, and am hooked. It’s the pizza without the carbs, and to me, it tastes like one of those thin crust pizzas – not like you’re being super healthy.
Raviolis – I looove these as well! They have so many flavors that you can’t go wrong with. I’m a fan of the arugula mushroom and the lobster. You feel like you’re being fancy when in reality you’re still lazy.
Turkey Meat Balls – I love these because they’re so easy. I put them in a pot with the sauce as the pasta cooks and by the time the pasta is done – BAM! Your whole meal was done in 5 minutes.
Cauliflower Rice – I love this with their frozen Mandrain orange chicken which I also think is a must buy. They go well together and you have a meal for about $7 for two which 1) tastes good and 2) can’t beat the price
Pollo Asada – This is perfect for #tacotuesday, taco salads, or really anything. They also have other meats that are already seasoned like lemon pepper, and they will randomly have new ones are well!
WINE – Their wine selection is like no other. You want a cheap wine, this is your place! My favorites: Barrel Ax – Red blend and Pino – cherry blossom. My favorite game to play? Me and whoever I’m with pick out a random one and see if it’ll become a new favorite.
Almond Butter Turmeric Salad Dressing – Sounds weird, I know. But you won’t be able to get enough. I eat salads a lot at work, and still to date, haven’t gotten sick.
Frozen Chocolate Croissants – These come in a pack of four. You put them out overnight and they grow. Throw them in the oven in the morning and cut up some fresh fruit and you are feeling like you’re in Paris.
Chia and Flax Seed Peanut Butter – I’m a big fan in general of peanut butter so it’s hard for me not to like any, but with this I feel like I’m just being a little bit healthy(ier).
Classic Original Water Crackers – These go great with cheese, and the calorie content in these vs your average crackers is a lot lower. So it’s a win win for everyone!
Veggie and Flax Seed Tortilla Chips – These are just good chips. They’re thick, but not too thick meaning you can eat chunky salsa with them and they won’t break. Which I think is hard to find these days!
~ XOXO, the full Amanda

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