My Favorite Local San Diego Businesses

Supporting local and small businesses is something that has been important to me for a long time. And let’s be real, now more than ever. San Diego has a lot of places/businesses that have started in San Diego and are locally owned. I know I’m not the only one who likes to support local San Diego (small) businesses.

If you are a local to San Diego or are going to be visiting San Diego anytime soon then here are just a few local San Diego based businesses to look out for and make sure you shop! Would I ever steer you wrong? The answer is no!

Salty Cali

Salty Cali is my all-time favorite jewelry brand run by the two cutest (+ nicest!!) girls, Miriam and Leslie. I have a total laid back San Diego style and was for the longest time looking for everyday jewelry to add into my everyday outfits. I stumbled across Salty Cali in a local surf shop in La Jolla and I was hooked. I was introduced to Miriam and Leslie working at a hotel (because we stock their jewelry in the gift shop) and I fell more in love with their brand. They started Salty Cali as a hobby in 2014. They make and design all their own jewelry, which is inspired by the ocean, beach, surf, and the Californian lifestyle. (MEEE TO A T!!!).

Anyways, I almost feel like any other earrings, necklaces, or bracelets I buy just don’t live up to my favorite Salty Cali pieces. Are you hooked yet? Use my code “BLONDE” for 30% off + free shipping on their website here: Salty Cali and trust me, you’ll love anything you buy.

Seven Seas Kombucha

Seven Seas Kombucha is another locally owned and operated small business that is one of my favorites. Hard kombucha has become a big deal out here too, but we can’t forget where we started – kombucha. Seven Seas Kombucha is another business that speaks to me. Why? It was inspired by the founder’s love for food and travel to craft a unique menu that takes you around the globe loaded with probiotics. Their flavors are all so delicious and distinctly different – I honestly love them all, but my all-time favorite (wow seems intense) is Cactus Nectar – prickly pear, hibiscus, roobios tea but a very very close second is Sea Breeze – blueberry, sea salt, coriander. Don’t they both just sound delish?!

One of my favorite things about this kombucha in particular is that it has a lighter body and is less acidic than other kombuchas I’ve tried in the past. They also come in a glass container which is great to repurpose. I use them for pencil holders at work to grow yeast in for baking. Local and sustainable – what more do you want in? Check them out on their website here.

NOVA Kombucha

Now that we’ve talked about kombucha, let’s switch to hard kombucha, where their tagline is “fun by nature” aka count me in. Some things in life are good for you. Other things in life are fun. And it’s a beautiful thing when the two of them come together.

NOVA was founded by a group of like-minded brewmasters with backgrounds in beer. In Southern California, they have found the perfect environment and climate to create a unique kind of kombucha – probiotic, easy-to-drink, and naturally fermented.

Suja juice

Suja means “long, beautiful life” and they strive to achieve that with every juice. Their goal was to create a clean, nutritious, and convenient juice that people could grab and go easily. Suja first started in San Diego, CA in 2014 and is now sold nationwide. How did they start? delivering cold-pressed juice on a skateboard around San Diego, how fun is that!

Now they are the nation’s leading organic and cold-pressed juice brand. Such #goals if you ask me.

Everyday California

Everyday California is an apparel and adventure brand that started right here in La Jolla, CA and they like to say that the 2008 recession was the best thing that ever happened to them. Maybe some of us will say that COVID19 quarantine will be the best thing that ever happened to us.

They started running discounted adventure tours while also booking the tours with a few kayaks and an old truck. Now they have a flagship store and are for lack of a better term – killing it. Their mission has stayed the same since they started: to share the California lifestyle with everyone around the world. They also give back 1% to preserving and protecting the ocean and its marine life. I’m forever obsessed with their comfy clothes + total laid back beach style!

Cutwater Spirits

Cutwaters are my all-time favorite canned cocktails, specifically the tequila margarita and the Grapefruit Tequila Paloma. They started in 2004 under the Ballast Point family. Co-Founder and Master Distiller, Yuseff Cherney began distilling as a side-project under Ballast Point Brewing, and they became Cutwater Spirits in 2016. They’re perfect for any type of situation – beaching it, casual night with friends, evening walks, you get my gist. They’re delicious and you don’t have to have a million to feel a little buzz.

While it was sold to Anheuser-Busch, they still have their local distillery and are based in Miramar, CA, and are now sold in 34 states.

Bitchin’ Sauce

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been obsessed with Bitchin’ Sauce. I used to see them at the farmers market when I was younger and try them all — and then buy them all. Bitchin’ Sauce was created by a 16 year – old, yes when I learned that I thought I immediately already failed at life. She wanted more vegan options and couldn’t find anything she liked – she created something (for lack of a better term) bitchin’! It’s almost like hummus but made is almond-based and a little more creamier.

I love to pair it with veggies or use it as mayo on sandwiches! My favorite flavors are Pesto and Chipotle, but they also have Original, Heat, Cilantro Chili, and Bombay.

Fast forward to now, Bitchin’ is sold at Costco, Target, and most major grocery stores. The creator still lives in a small beach town (Carlsbad, CA) just north of San Diego. She is total #girlboss dreams!!!

Sand Straw

I think we all saw the video of the turtle chocking on the straw so I don’t need to link it or go into any more detail than that. As a long time straw fan, I knew I needed to do my part. I immediately looked for alternatives, the paper straws (YUCK!) that melt in your drink in 5 seconds, the no straw look (again YUCK!), and then I got hooked on stainless steel straws. Cue San Straw, if you can’t tell enough yet – I love supporting my local San Diegans and that’s when I found them.

Sand Straw was founded when two locals went to the beach and noticed just how many straws were left laying on the sand waiting to float into the ocean. They still, to this day, believe that every straw makes a difference. My favorite part? They have unique color combinations that link and connect to each animal. Their gold straws help turtles, their rainbow straws help whales, their blue straws help dolphins, and their silver straws help sharks!

They currently sell nationwide and still are based out of San Diego, CA.

The Bluest Light

Products for sacred connection between the ancient sea + our celestial moon + awakening of blue healing light

Let’s just start off with their manifesto, The Bluest Light aims to bringing you a new era of wellness incorporated into your life + home. From their moonbeam bath salts, white sage, room sprays, plus candles that are inspired by the sea..what else do you need? I love being intentional about what I bring into my life and home. The Bluest Light blends the natural and sacred practices of with the rhythms of the moon + sea for a modern approach to wellness. Many of their natural ingredients we use are grown right in their Moon Garden or foraged from the wild. Inspired by ancient practices and seafaring legends, I always find a sprinkle of magic in every product I use.

Their wellness goods are intended to complement nature. Each product coincides with a natural element; fire, water, air, and earth. We all have a balance of elements within us, and what speaks to you will shift based on your need. Fire is wonderful for clearing + manifesting, water for protection + awakening, air to increase energy + love, and earth for grounding + purifying. I’ve learned so much from their products, I can’t wait for them to come out with their new fall line.

More Local San Diego Businesses

Hey San Diegans, do you have any other favorites that I missed? Let me know!

~ XOXO, the local and small business loving, Amanda // Blonde out of Water

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