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Ryleigh is 6 weeks old which has gone by so fast! I’ve tried so many products, some I love, others I don’t love as much but as a new mom this is all so new to me which is why I am always excited to try everything! Here are some of my new favorites and if you have a little, that you should try!

Baby Products that Every Mom Needs

Baby Magic – Creamy Baby Oil

If you know me, you know I love skin care and baby skin care is no different. I went through a couple different baby oils and then I tried this one, and I knew it was it was meant to be! This creamy baby oil has a mix of lotion and coconut oil so it doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy. We use it every night before bed so she wakes up with her skin feeling soft and hydrated. Shop Baby Magic baby oil here

Disney Lullaby Playlist

We take our bedtime routine as serious as you can with a newborn, which is why we always listen to our Disney Lullaby Playlist before we go to bed, whether for the night or a nap. It helps both of us unwind and relax, and helps Ryleigh drift off to sleep listening to what I know will soon become her Disney favorites! We listen on Spotify but it is available on all music streaming platforms. Start your playlist here

Fat Brain Toys

With so many options for toys, it’s hard to know what ones to get and what ones will be the best for your baby. I always look deeper into the story, Fat Brain Toys began with a 10 year old boy, when he couldn’t find his favorite toys online, he thought might as well sell them with his dad. This InnyBin has fascinating textures for little fingers as they push different shapes into the box. It was also a 2020 Infant/Toddler Toy of the Year Finalist! Dimpl Billow & Bright is made of a soft, squishy silicone safe for teething and younger babies surrounded by a mirror to explore themselves. Both toys help with fine motor skills and don’t leave babies frustrated, they are great to buy your babies or gifts for anyone you know. Shop here and use code “FBT14” for 14% off one item. 

Stonz Baby Shoes

I can’t resist little baby shoes!! These little baby shoes remind me of little moccasin slippers go on easy, and stay on! They are so soft and have an extra wide cuff that’s elastic so you don’t have to fight to get on even the wiggliest baby. These little shoes are great because they fit 0-24 months, so you aren’t buying them for a short period of time. Shop yours here for the cutest little baby feets and use code “BBOXX10” for 10% off! 

First Fresh Foods Blender & Steamer

Since Ryleigh is only 7 weeks old, I can’t even comprehend her eating solids. But I do know that I’ll want to make my own baby food for her. This baby food maker is great because you can blend foods for a puree instead of buying baby food jars or you can steam to make easily edible foods when they’re ready for solids – plus it’s easy to use! Buy yours here

NURSH Silicone Pouch Bottle

I love these cute bottles, they’re not only stylish but these anti colic (necessary!!) baby bottles are BPA free that support an air free feeding where the pouches collapse as baby feeds. They can even transform into a sippy cup with a different lid when the time comes. Buy yours here

BOON ARC Modular Drying Rack

Who wants one of those chunky and not aesthetically pleasing bottle drying racks on their counter? I know I didn’t! This drying rack can fit 7 bottles, or anything else you need to dry for baby or yourself. It’s dishwasher safe so if it gets messy, it will easily pop into the dishwasher. Buy yours here

What else have you gotten or used that you love for your baby?

~ XOXO, the new mom, Amanda // Blonde out of Water

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