Life Update: Gatsby Does Boston

We’re almost (pretty much) to SIX months of living in Boston, and I really can’t believe it. At all. And as much as everyone *cough no one* cares about my story. This post is going to be around about *let’s be real* the star of the show. The furry fluff fat ball I call Gatsby!

At first, he had a hard time adjusting, as many of you know. Every time we’d leave, he’d bark. For hours. But not even an annoying bark, like he was being tortured. It broke my heart. Literally. I felt like moving him was so mean of me, like he was so unhappy, and would resent me. Can dogs resent? Who knows. But I felt like I failed him as a dog mom.

Gatsby, like me, needed time to adjust, really come to the conclusion that this was his home. Danny and I would keep coming back to him, and he could relax. I think what really helped him stop feeling like he couldn’t be by himself was our routine.

We spend an hour or so at the puppy park a few blocks from our apartment. And come back to the same apartment. I started leaving him for 5 minutes at a time, then 10 minutes. Then one day, longer, and longer. And fast forward to now: he’s totally fine. Yes, I still feel guilty leaving him at home all day (a dog walker does come) but compared to his leisurely San Diego life.

I got an aromatherapy for him to plug in when we left (no, I’m not still doing this), he gets a frozen bone of peanut butter, he gets a walk before I leave for the day, and another walk around the block right before. We also leave the radio on, to drown out the feeling of being alone.

I found a lot of fun and unique things to help him transition on Dog Product Picker because they have such a selection! May or may not have found Gatsby an orthopedic bed (Whoops! No wonder he’s needy LOL).

Gatsby traded in his beach days, to city living! And occasional trips up to New Hampshire to lake life.

If you knew Gatsby in San Diego, he looooved chasing the lizards. Never got one, but you said LIZARD and he perked up, and would look around. In Boston? Gatsby loves to chase squirrels, he’ll get up on his back legs when they run up a tree and bark at them. As if he thinks that’ll really make them come down.

He’s the star of the show at the front desk of our apartment. They have a treat jar (yes, very dog friendly) and he runs to it, walks around and sticks his nose under everyone’s hands so they have no choice but to pet him. The leasing office he runs in and lays belly up, looking around for who’s next.

We still try and take him as many places as possible! He’s good in eateries, parks, the usual, so during summer we’d do a lot of outdoor dining, picnics, beach strolls, just to let Gatsby explore! Now, we’re into dinner with friends (yes we have those) and just kind of go from there.

The cold? He’s totally unphased.

The snow? Putting booties on him, I DIED. The laugh from deep into your stomach, and you just can’t help it. He acted like his legs did not work. He acts like it’s the sand at the beach, rolling around in it, digging, pushing his nose through it all. He looooves the snow. He’ll try and play fetch with snowballs, but obviously they just disappear when they go into the snow, and he’ll look for them. Then look at you, like you tricked him. It’s great!

Check back in a few more months for more snow updates! And I’m sure I’ll be posting a lot of videos!

~ XOXO, Amanda & Gatsby

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