Life Update: 6 Months In Boston

If you read my last post, can you believe it?! I’ve been an East Coaster for 6 months. It’s flew by, here’s a little snippet of everything we’ve done, what’s new, and the scoop!

It’s been a roller coaster to say the least. I’ve had days where I’ve never looked back and loved every minute of the journey, couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. And on the other hand, I’ve had days where I’ve been sad, been regretful, the whole nine yards. If you can listen to my rambling for this whole post, then thank you in advance.

Lately, I’ve been trying (doing it) to stay positive, to look at the good, not get dragged down by the small stuff. Sometimes it’s harder than others, but it’s always worth it. I’ve had the time of my life exploring a new city, decorating my (tiny) apartment, eating lobster everything, and taking weekend getaways. The one thing I’ve never felt before is the feeling of being alone. What was really weird was, I’d have a puppy at my feet, and a guy who I love, and who loves me right next to me. But I felt alone. In a new city, no family, no friends. And that was hard for me, and hard to get out of my head! But I digress..

To start from the beginning, we live in an apartment complex in what they call “Southie” where we thought we’d meet a lot of friends. And while we’ve met other fellow dog parents, and see our neighbors, say hi, we haven’t made friends in the building like we thought, whoops!

We had a nightmare experience where long story short our “movers” held our stuff hostage and it took us forever, lots of fighting, but nonetheless we got our stuff end of August, after moving into our apt in June. You can hear the full story on our moving nightmare Here

I work for a company selling Saas (software as a service) for a healthcare database. Is it my dream goal? No. Does it pay the bills? Sure does. Danny’s still over at enterprise, will that be forever? Stay tuned.

As many of you know, I broke my ankle last September! (BARF, don’t want to even think back on that) but Danny thought it was his turn in November, and broke his ankle playing “flag football.” So we’ve had him on crutches, being disabled, but we’re almost back to being a fully function aka walking couple.

We went from living separate in a city where we (especially me) were comfortable in, moving cross country, and living together. So as you can imagine, that’s tested us, pushed us, and like you would imagine… made us closer. Living with a boy (GROSS!) is definitely different, especially when our apartment is as small as it is (a little less than 650sq ft), and don’t forget that fat furball Gatsby who takes us a lot of space!  And that alone was a big change for us, then throw in me looking for a job, trying to make friends, learn a city (and snow), but overall, I think we’ve learned that we have to communicate. There’s really no way around it, it’s forced us to have not fun conversations, and to be there for each other in moments of need.

We’ve been able to travel as weekend getaways- we did Chicago, Maine, Washington D.C., many weekends in New Hampshire. And I’m sure as you know this travel junkie always wants to do more.

Boston is known as title town. And I’ve grown to love Boston sports! (Don’t worry Chargers, I still love you too!) But it’s so different (in the best way possible) for a whole city to be into one team- San Diego is such a transplant city that everyone has their own teams. My favorites are Red Sox and Patriots, just because I like those sports the most.

We went to a few Red Sox games, and fenway park is a really cool stadium, historically. as I love football so watching their games is not a chore for me. My only complaint is that games are so late here, they’ll start sometimes at 8:30pm and you think this grandma can stay up til midnight?! I’m not the biggest fan of hockey, but I have been to two Bruins games and those are really fun! It’s a fast paced sport so easy to follow. But I’d never really sit down and watch them. Celtics? I leave them to Danny all together.

It’s started to snow, and I wish they had a “How to handle snow: for dummies” so I think I am going to make one myself. Stay tuned. Who knew there was such a thing as your car’s windshield wipers freezing to the windshield? Or what is really the best gear? How do you layer without looking like a total fatass? (Plot twist, you don’t). Today, we have a cyclone bomb, which is crazy snow and wind. I got my first snow day, and tried my best to work from home. Watched a lot of movies, played in the snow with Gatsby. It’s safe to say, I am such a fan of snow days. Just maybe not them until Spring.

Looking back on the past 6 months, it’s flown by. I’ve gone through a roller coaster of emotions. I moved away from everyone I knew (except Danny and Gatsby) with no thoughts on going back. I think that’s why it’s been hard for me. I moved in college, where everyone wanted to meet people, explore, and become instant besties. Here? Not so much.

Overall: no regrets, just lessons learned. And lots of eating!

~XOXO, the new Bostonian Amanda 

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