Instagram Secrets: Your Follower Count Doesn’t Define You

Don’t Let Numbers Define You

First, let me say this, you are a human, not a number but it can seem like our lives revolve around numbers….from numbers on a scale to zeros in your salary, the likes on your post, the size on your clothes tags, to your Instagram followers.

Trust me, I understand this thought process more than I like to admit.

At first, with my Instagram, I was beating my own drum, creating content because it was my creative outlet. Of course, I wanted my posts to be seen and I wanted to scale up my Instagram game but I majority of the time did it because I loved it and it made me happy. I would have still been creating content on Instagram even if my only followers were my Mom and my dog.

I can’t exactly pinpoint the moment that changed, I honestly think it was around when I got 7,000 followers…because I remember making more of an effort to reach 10,000 followers to get that K. I know you must think I’m beyond silly, borderline crazy even. But let me dive a little deeper, since I write blogs on a frequent basis with 10,000 (10K) followers on Instagram stories you have the swipe-up capabilities. Having that feature is extremely valuable as a content creator for a number of reasons: it makes getting to my blog posts easier and more convenient for readers, it’s desirable for brands because you can link directly to their website or their product.

For lack of a better analogy, Instagram dangles that delicious metaphorical carrot and only makes it accessible to people who have or exceed the 10,000 (10K) follower threshold. So, naturally, that easily became my goal. If I made it to 10k, I made it big and I was Instagram official as a content creator.

After I hit the 10K mark on Instagram, I became addicted. I got this weird sick rush from the new followers and was constantly catching myself checking my follower count multiple times throughout the day. It was validating my work, and I was starting to lose sight of why I became a blogger, to begin with.

I wanted more followers, I needed more followers. If I wasn’t growing, I started to feel unworthy, or not good enough. Truly pathetic, I know. I felt bad throughout the day if I wasn’t getting more followers. It 100% wasn’t a healthy habit. I needed at the time, and still to this day to be creating content I am proud of, solely for the fact that I love it, regardless of how many other people like it or if it will end up on the cover of Travel + Leisure. My work defines me, not the number on the top of my account.

My Instagram goal? To be inspired, to continue to learn, and grow both as a person and on Blonde out of Water, and connect with and inspire like-minded people. My well-being and my real life (and so is yours) are more important than my very best day on Instagram. I am sorry for the ramble with this post, but here’s the bottom line (literally): if you find happiness in what you’re doing, that’s worth more than the numbers on your feed. Numbers DO NOT define you; not your talent, your body image, your intelligence, or your worth.

After all, you’re a human, not a number – be kinder to yourself.

End of story.

~ XOXO, the free of the game, Amanda // Blonde out of Water

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