The Importance Of A Girl’s Night

Adulting is hard. It’s tiring. It’s overwhelming. It’s confusing. Plus our Monday-Friday jobs pushing way over 40+ hours a week, coupled in time for relationships, pets, and God knows what else! Where’s the time to unwind? Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s not. But I feel like that time is few and far between. Whether you’re single, married, in a relationship, or whatever you wanna call it, a girl’s night is essential to our health.

I’m going to go over the importance of why girl’s nights are so important and what you need to have one correctly.

First, let’s get down to it, throw in some wine and cheese and I am there. I am forever a big fan of pino’s especially Pinot Noir, and yes I will always, always have my favorite Trader’s two buck chucks. But sometimes it’s necessary to be classy and spend a little more than $10 on a bottle because let’s face it…WE ALL DESERVE IT.

What you need (other than your girls):

  1. A bottle or five of your favorite wine, one of my go-to’s is Willamette Valley pinot noir
  2. Cheese and crackers- Trader Joe’s and Costco are my go-to’s for that.
  3. A few other snacks…like veggies, because balance, right!
  4. A few games (totally optional) you know to keep occupied between glasses of wine and shoving your face with apps and complaining about your awful life.


  1. To connect/check-in. We live such busy lives. And somehow we’re always connected on our phones, on social media. And yet we’re so not connected. So it’s nice to take the time to see how everyone is doing, and mutually complain. And to stay close.
  2. To escape. Whether it be from work drama, boyfriend drama, or just the feeling of the never ending adulting. There’s no better feeling than unwinding, a glass of Pino Gris in hand, and being close to the ones you love.
  3. To remind you that your girlfriend’s are your real soul mates. Remember the quote from Sex In The City- “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.” and sometimes, when you and all your girls are in serious relationships, it’s important to take a step back, and remember that our girls are forever.
  4. You can wear yoga pants. Sure, getting dressed up and going out is fun. But what about sitting on the couch, laughing, in yoga pants and knowing that your girls legit love you just the same. Yeah, sounds amazing.
  5. To stay grounded. Your friends know you, they’ve been there through the good, the bad. They love you for you and all your weird quirks. And sometimes that’s just what we need.
  6. To vent. Your boss is a jerk? Your boyfriend is stupid? Sometimes we just need to vent/complain let it all out. And chances are, they’ll have the same problems…so you’ll feel like you’re not alone. Plus it just always feels better when someone listens.

Are you convinced yet? I would think so. Let me know you & your friend’s traditions. I love new ideas!

~XOXO, the girlfriend loving, Amanda

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