How to Keep Yourself Busy During Social Distancing

As I’m sure I’m in the same situation as most people throughout the world – COVID19 has completely turned my life as I know it upside down. Most people are working from home and on lockdown. My situation is a little different – I work in hospitality. My whole industry relies on people to travel for a job. So not only am I practicing social quarantine, I am worried about my job, my colleague’s job, and what the future holds for my industry.

The more I think about it, the more I go insane. The fact of the matter is that CoronaVirus (or COVID19) is only going to get worse than our first few days of social distancing/quarantine. More and more people will be working from home indefinitely, events will be canceled, bars/restaurants will be closed, and everyone will be staying put. And while I’m not trying to provoke any fear/panic (the world has enough of it), we might as well find some things to do to enjoy ourselves and keep ourselves/our minds busy. So, what are we supposed to do?

Here are things I’ve been doing to keep myself busy during COVID-19 Quarantine:

Do things that you need to do that take up too much time.

Unsubscribing from the countless stupid emails you get every day. Update your playlists on your Spotify account. Upload old pieces of clothing on Poshmark. Reorganize your clothes drawers. Catch up on magazines. Everything that always gets put off to next week over and over again. This is a great time to catch up on life’s mundane activities and be ready to live it all once again (hopefully soon).

Deep Clean.

Sure, we all clean/tidy up but how often do you actually deep clean your entire house/apartment? The answer is probably never, maybe once. This is a perfect time to clean every nook and cranny your home has. Baseboards, fans, inside of cabinets, you name it!

Catch up on Your Reading List.

I know I have a never-ending list of books that I’ve bought and not read or books that I’ve been wanting to read. What better way to start the day than to open a book and have a cup of coffee? Focusing on keeping your mind occupied is key.

Focus on Shopping Local.

In all seriousness, this is huge. My LARGE hotel is feeling the hit, so I can’t imagine all the small and local businesses. My hotel? It will make it through, but the small bed and breakfasts might not. This is the same for coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants, boutique clothing stores, etc. Instead of stepping into a Starbucks, stop by your local coffee shop. Another great thing to do is to buy gift cards for places you know you’ll go to in the future to help those people get by. This is also great because a lot of the time you can buy gift cards over the phone or online which means you’re really following the social distancing practice.

Focus on Your Skin.

I know I say this all the time, but focusing on your skin and body will keep you healthy. We put so many chemicals into our bodies with all the toxic products we use, I urge you now more than ever to pay attention. Watch documentaries like Stink, Toxic Beauty, and educate yourself. Start with one Beautycounter product (I can help!!!) to see how your skin will dramatically change with swapping out to clean products.

Catch up on your Netflix & Chill.

Feel like you never have time for TV? Now’s a perfect time and you don’t need an excuse to veg out on the couch. Here are some of my favorites: Bachelor, A Million Little Things, You, This is Us, The Sinner, Revenge. If you have any good ones, help ya girl out!!

Plan a Future Vacation.

Instead of dreaming about your next vacation, plan it! Not only will everyone in the hospitality industry thank you but you will thank yourself. Hotels and airlines are offering amazing deals, and I get it I’m crazy but this can’t last forever. How about a vacation in the fall? Winter?

Find Your new Favorite at-home Workouts.

I am a big believer in at-home workouts, I love Youtubing whatever workout I want to do that day and going for it. There are so many options- iPhone Apps, Instagram, Pinterest, or just Google! I do urge you not to go to the gym – YUCK!


I get it, you can’t go out. But what about having a happy hour via Facetime with your long-distance bestie, cousin, grandparents? Everyone could use a little more social interaction. If you’re living with your significant other – plan a fun “date night” how about a picnic in the living room? Making your couch ask as a movie theater? Or shoot, no significant other? Roommates work too!

What is everyone doing to keep themselves occupied? I’d love to get more ideas!

Stay safe out there friends!

~ XOXO, the self quarantine-ing, Amanda // Blonde out of Water

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