fri-yayHappy FRI-YAY! The week that didn’t end is officially over, well, pretty much. The hardest part is over: waking up. I know I shouldn’t be as tired as I am feeling- I have gotten sleep (never enough), and haven’t done insane amounts of things after work. But I am just drained- physically and mentally! Starting a new job is hard work, without a routine you can just cruise in.

I am still getting used to the meaning of a weekend, after working countless years of customer service where weekends were the busiest time! As I joined the monday-friday crew TGIF became all too real. As your typical newb, I have been trying to I have been trying to pack my weekend with super fun things (staying busy/fulfilling bucket lists). I think this weekend I am going to try and turn it down a notch. As much as I love doing things, on Sunday nights I have been feeling more exhausted than Wednesday mid week. It’s a constant battle between resting up for the weekend and enjoying every second of not sitting in my cubicle. If anyone knows the secret balance to it- please let me know!

My typical weekend activities:

  • Dog Beach (or something of the sort with Gatsby)
  • Surfing – my new hobby!
  • Cooking something fun aka time consuming
  • Crossing something off my never ending bucket list
  • Seeing friends
  • Trying a new wine (or two)


I’ll be sure to share just exactly what I got myself into this weekend.

~ XOXO, Amanda (the one anxiously awaiting 4:30pm)

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