First time jitters!

How to make a blog post relevant to others? My biggest question, as I sit here thinking of what to say, feeling like I’m standing on stage in my underwear. One thing everyone in my life relates to…loves…revolves around, is Gatsby. So as many of you either know, or will come to find out, he is my (not so) puppy! I got him when he was just a tiny 8 week old, and now he’s a (still) puppy 2 year old. IMG_8355

He changed my life in so many ways- what 20 year old gets a puppy and is stubborn enough to train him into a well behaved dog. My trick: I knew I couldn’t have a huge annoying dog who misbehaves. AND Gatsby loves food/treats/anything to get the drool going.

On my times of adventure when I need a side kick- he’s there. On my days where I can’t seem to figure out how to do anything correct and just need a good sob session- he’s there. And on my days where I am so in love with life I have to dance like an idiot (which I know we all do)- he’s there. Whether I am in my happiest moments, or my saddest ones I know I don’t have to face them alone. One of the many things I will be forever grateful and endowed to some giant fluff ball who has no idea the impact he has had/will have.

IMG_0311_2I always go to the quote “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart” from Winnie The Pooh, of course, because as I sat there trying to pick a golden fluff ball to take home I could never have imagined the joy, frustration, responsibility, and patience that Gatsby (formerly “blue boy”) would bring me. What started off as a ten pound weight in my heart, took over the whole thing.

As I let my mind wander back to the day I got him, I remember thinking how I wanted all 7 of his siblings to come home. There were 2 boys left, which I knew I needed. One of them was fat- which I called ‘chubster’ who wanted nothing to do with me but just sit by his food. And the other skinnier boy who was all over me- crawling and kissing. I was drawn to the chubster for his fluffy face and how he sat (see to the right) but I did not feel like he wanted to come home with me. The chubster then came to me and kissed me and I call it love at first lick because after that ‘chubster’ soon became ‘stinker’ which to this day is his nickname.

And just like that I lost my bed, I have become the girl who throws birthday parties for him and who’s name tag at work says ‘dog mom’ and of course, the puppy/baby voice took over.

Even though I can’t wear anything black anymore without having a lining of crimped hair, and forget watching any TV show without background noise of a squeaky ball, and the endless amounts of dog food/treats I go through, I look at those puppy eyes, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Want to see more of puppy moments? Click here -> Gatsby’s Puppy Video


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