Easy & Delicious Drinks with Q Mixers

Have any of you ever got a mixer to add to your favorite spirit and it been less than satisfactory? Whether that be too bubbly, too sweet, or tasted like syrup? I know I have which is why I was SO excited to finally find a new mixer. Cue Q Mixers, they solve all the problems!

All About Q Mixers

Q Mixers Ginger Beer & Tonic Water

They started with a simple question: shouldn’t my tonic be as good as my gin? If you ask me, I say yes! Q Mixers was founded in Brooklyn, NY, and at first, they were hand-delivered to bars and restaurants in NY.

Why are they so good? They are made with real ingredients, less sweet, and perfectly carbonated.

Imagine your favorite drink, but better. Don’t ruin your drink with a flat or sugary mixer.

Popular Cocktail Recipes

The Mulejito (part Moscow Mule, part Mojito) Recipe

A delicious Mulejito (part Moscow Mule, part Mojito)

• 2 oz tequila of your choice
• 1/2 oz simple syrup
• 3/4 oz lime juice
• Lime wheel to garnish

Muddle the mint, add the ingredients, top with Q Mixers ginger beer & BAM you have yourself the best Mulejito you could ever want or need! Make your drink spectacular.

Gin & Tonic Recipe

The most spectacular G&T

• 2 oz gin of your choice
• 1 can Q Tonic Water
• 2 lime wedges

Fill a highball glass (or any glass you have available) with ice and add 2 oz of gin (can also substitute vodka). Squeeze in a lime wedge. Add in your can of Q Tonic Water. Gently stir, and enjoy! You can also experiment with grapefruit, thyme, or cucumber.

Delicious Moscow Mule Recipe

Moscow Mules are a favorite drink for people of all ages and throughout all times of the year! It’s primarily served in a copper mug, which takes on the cold temperature of the liquid. Don’t worry, it tastes the same in any mug.

• 2 oz vodka of your choice
• 1 can Q Ginger Beer
• ½ a lime

Fill your copper mug (or any cup) with ice, pour your vodka in, squeeze in the lime (leave the lime in the mug), serve, and enjoy!

An easy & delicious cocktail with lime and mint

Become an at home Bartender

Want to make your own? Q Mixers are so easy to find – they’re at Target, Whole Foods, Safeway, Kroger, Total Wine, and you can even have them delivered to you via Amazon! Check out the store finder on their website here. You can also find more inspiration on Q Mixer’s Instagram.

Two girls enjoying a cocktail together

~ XOXO, the newly acclaimed bartender with Q Mixers, Amanda // Blonde out of Water

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