Dealing With Hopelessness

Do you ever hear about something and it just affects you? In ways you didn’t think it would, or ways you never would have expected? Maybe you witness something, see something on TV, that really resonates with you. This happened with me recently. And I will apologize for the rant, and the jumbled thoughts. But I couldn’t find a way to really share in any other way. So bare with me..

One of my Mom’s friend’s daughter- who I’d met a time or two, not anytime recently, nor someone who I was specifically close to was diagnosed with Dysautonomia which is a disorder of autonomic nervous system. (More details here) With her, it started with GI issues for years, which she controlled with her diet. And then she was in a car accident which sent her nervous system into overdrive. At this point, everything started to change for her, and her then GI issues got worse and worse. And looking at her, she looks “normal” but there was a lot more going on than anyone could see.

From GI issues, to then her heart, fainting, dizzyness, vertigo, and being rushed to the ER, told she was fine and sent home. It took the doctors 4 months to diagnose her. With no answers, and being thrown around from doctor to doctor.

As a college freshman, I wasn’t worried about eating well or being sick with no answers. I was worried about how I was going to fit my social life into my school schedule. I can’t tell you why my Mom telling me Sydney’s story, or then her starting a blog, and learning about it myself, but it hit home with me.

I felt helpless for her, I felt helpless for her family, for myself being in her shoes. I wanted to do something, knowing that nothing I could do would change her outcome. I decided to reach out, what could it hurt?

Talking with Sydney, she reminded me of myself. Always trying to look for the positivity in any situation, not to sit too long and wonder “why” but to be empowered with her own life. Which took insane amount of courage, which I envied, because if she wanted to throw herself a pity party, the world would have one with her. But she was..she is better than that.

To this day, I want to help, do whatever I can. Knowing that it so easily could be me next. Being that this disease is rare, not much is known about it. No research being done, dollars thrown into it. If me, writing this blog post (which I’m sure only my Mom will read) gives this any more attention/awareness, that would be help maybe a little. Being as this so easily could have been me, some disease hiding in my body then one day, a seemingly innocent occurrence changes everything.


Sydney has started a GoFundMe page, to help others with Dysautonomia, feel comfort with something as simple as a stuffed “Ganto.” I know all of us 20somethings are broke,  but if we all gave what we could, imagine the impact. EVERYONE could have a sense of comfort. Here is the link, to donate $5, or whatever you can. Because as me feeling helpless, I want to do whatever I can. Support her in whatever way she needs.

If you want to learn more about Sydney, her journey, and her new way of life here is the link to her blog: Sydney’s Blog

I believe in the power of helping others, that we are stronger together, and that you are never alone. Which is why I wouldn’t want anyone to ever feel this way, and why I felt compelled to do whatever I could, and can.

Again, I feel like this whole post is jumbled thoughts, me talking in circles, looking for answers, but I felt the need to share. And like I’ve always thought, life has a funny way of bringing people together.

~ XOXO, the fingers tied, Amanda

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