Date Night Ideas When You’re Stuck in Quarantine

Date night looks very different in social distancing and quarantine. In these uncertain times where we can’t and shouldn’t go outside, that doesn’t mean that date night with your significant other goes away either. No, you can’t go to the movies or concert, split a bottle of wine together at your favorite restaurant or go on a beach walk together. Now you just need to get a little creative for date night. And as stressful and overwhelming as the world is right now, date nights are even more important. 

The Best Easy at Home Dates 

Create a Movie Theater at Home

If your ideal date night is going to the movie theaters, you can turn your living room into a theater and bring the tradition home. Choose a movie that just came out on DVD or that you both have been dying to see, pop some popcorn, grab some snacks, and the theater is there. 

Have a Game Night

Board games, card games, or virtual games – all are great ideas for a game night! Who doesn’t love a competitive game night? Just make sure you don’t get too competitive. It may seem a little bit, counterintuitive but there’s something that some friendly competition will actually bring you closer together as a couple. My personal favorites? Taking out the dusty board games from the game cabinet from when you were little. Sorry, Yahtzee, Uno, Monopoly, Scrabble, you name them, they’re fun! 

Exercise Together

The gyms are closed and the trails are shut down but that doesn’t mean you can’t break a sweat together from your home. There are so many online workout classes from personal trainers to gyms trying to help everyone stay in shape while stuck at home. You could also go on a walk together around the neighborhood (just make sure you’re staying 6 feet apart), I am a firm believer that fresh air and some vitamin D do wonders. 

Have a Spa Night

The two of you can throw on slippers and a bathrobe and pretend you’re going to the spa for a day. Light some candles, get some oils and put on some serene relaxing spa music. You can practice giving each other facials and massages, put masks on, and take a nice relaxing bubble bath. There are so many health benefits from getting massages and facials from increased blood circulation to improve your quality of sleep, not to mention a reduction in stress which is great for these uncertain times. 

Get Dressed Anyway

Sweats and leggings are a staple during quarantine, but instead of being frumpy all the time mix it up for a date night! Throw on a cute dress or your favorite jeans with a simple makeup look. This will do wonders for not only your attitude, but your relationship too.

Fine Dine At Home

Classic date night is out to dinner. Make your dining table into a fine dining restaurant and get dressed up for a fancy dinner. For dinner, you can cook something that you’d normally go out to celebrate a special occasion, like a birthday or anniversary to make the night feel a little less of a mundane dinner at home. You can pick out three courses and listen to some oldies while you’re eating. Don’t forget to light the candles and eat by candlelight! 

Cocktail-Making Contest

Have a contest to see who can make the yummiest cocktail. You can go grocery shopping if you want for this next time you need to or you can make it interesting and use what you already have at home. Even if the cocktails don’t end up being ones you’d make again, at least you’ll have fun and end the night with a good buzz. 

Have a Picnic

This can be done with what you’re set up is at home, if you have a backyard or patio that’s the perfect spot. If not, your living room could be the perfect grassy area too. Bring some pillows and blankets and sit down. You can grab some snacks or make some sandwiches with your favorite beverages. 

Plan Your Next Vacation

Although who knows when this will happen, it’s always fun to dream of your next destination. And let’s hope shortly, our lives will return to normal again. Imagine your PTO has already been submitted, there are no travel restrictions, and you have the budget set aside. What would your dream vacation be?

Make Fondue

For chocolate and cheese lovers alike fondue is the perfect night! Whether you have the sweet or savory cravings, fondue is a great way to fulfill them. If you’re doing chocolate, pair it with bananas, rice Krispie treats, potato chips, cake, pineapple, pretzels, or marshmallows. If you’re doing cheese pair it with apples, pears, meats, slices of bread, and veggies like bell peppers, Brussel sprouts, broccoli or cauliflower!

Match Dinner with Your Movie

Pick a theme for your night and then find a movie and something for dinner that matches it. Some suggestions for this pairing:

  • Order Chinese food & watch Crazy Rich Asians
  • Make some Indian food and a french dessert & watch The Hundred-Foot Journey
  • Have your typical Irish dinner of corned beef, potatoes, and soda bread & watch P.S. I Love You
  • Make Spaghetti & watch Lady & The Tramp…the spaghetti kiss at the end is optional!
  • Have a Greek spread with Gyros, Tzatziki, and spanakopita & watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  • Break out the tequila and make a taco or burrito bar & Watch Roma

You can even switch off on who gets to pick!

Binge-Watch Netflix/Hulu

There are so many good shows out right now that are perfect for binging! Some of my recommendations are: Tiger King (Netflix), Ozark (Netflix), Love is Blind (Netflix), Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu), You (Netflix), Dead to Me (Netflix), Big Little Lies (HBO), Homeland (Showtime), I Love You, Now Die (Netflix), and The Sinner (Netflix).

Date night doesn’t need to wait until the weekend, plan your next date night ASAP! Take advantage of all this extra time you get to spend with your significant other. 

What at-home date night ideas have you come up with since you’ve been practicing social isolation during quarantine? I’m always looking for new ideas! 

~ XOXO, the hopeless romantic, Amanda // Blonde out of Water

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