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Yes. Absolutely. Of course. ALWAYS WANT BRUNCH. Are just a few thoughts when the thought of brunch comes into my life? So maybe you live in San Diego and I have now given you weekend plans for countless weekends to come…or maybe you don’t and well, you can just sit there and drool. But here are some of my favorite places to…well…brunch, just to name a few.


  1. Claire’s On Cedros: I’ve only been here once, I’ve heard the talk about it, so I thought I’d check it out. Service: SUCKED. I don’t know what side of the bed our waitress woke up on, but it was not the right one. The food: worth it. Eggs bene on a croissant? Okay, yes since you’re twisting my arm. LOL JK, I will gladly. Plus it’s like an old little house converted into a restaurant. 
  2. Caroline’s Seaside Cafe: Brunch with a view….yes please! It’s right on the water, so you can stare at your food, and the ocean! What more do you need in life? Not to mention, the food is a m a z i n g. I always get a veggie scramble, always. I sure do love my eggs. They also have their own bakery where I would swear they make their own bread, cause it tastes like it just came out of the oven. Oh, and they have dog bowls, so Gatsby approves. Yes, you do see a cinnamon roll peaking on the other side of the fruit, whoops! 
  3. The Cottage: Just be mentally prepared for an hour wait. But they do text you, so you can walk down to the cove, or around the shops. And then you’ll get a text “your table is almost ready.” It’s perfect, unless you’re so hungry you might die. Thennnnnn, I wouldn’t recommend. I always get their eggs bene, of course. Whoops, sorry I’m predictable. But it’s so good, I just can’t pass it up, plus there’s so many options. California (always the best option) who doesn’t opt in for avocado. Traditional, if you’re basic. And then a carne asada one with a chipotle hollandaise.  The french toast is goooood too.  But I just can’t look back on my life knowing I could have gotten the eggs bene. 
  4. Parkhouse Eatery: What first enticed me about them? Avocado hollandaise. Yes, you heard correctly avocado. They also do almost potato “mush” but I was a fan. My favorite thing here is also the mimosa flights. Real fruity. This place is also super close to Balboa park so you can go walk off all the calories you had at brunch. (don’t worry though, always worth it) my one drag? hot sauce, it wasn’t hot and they only had one option. This place also gets the Gatsby paw of approval. Also pictured below, you see the best boyfriend, holding his utensils, just waiting so patiently for me to get the “winning” shot.
  5. Herringbone: The classy way to do bottomless mimosas, or rose.  This is one place where I am always torn to get eggs bene, or chilaquiles. Probably ends up being the hardest decision of my day #basic. But this place is the CUTEST, I love it, there’s a tree inside with vines everywhere. The servers are always so friendly. Also here, you have to get their cinnamon bun for an appetizer. Yes that is acceptable with brunch. Have one bite and split it with the table. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.
  6. Cody’s LaJolla: This place I will always be grateful for because they first gave me Marie Sharps Hot Habanero Pepper Sauce which will make your lips sting, but it’s so good you can’t help it. It’s also a cute little cottage, and the eggs bene to. die. for. but here…would be the one place I would dare get anything but bene….the french toast. Is melt in your mouth goodness. I don’t know what they put it in it. But the bread, butter, syrup, strawberries, everything is a perfect combination. This place also gets the Gatsby paw of approval. 
  7. Barbarella’s: You walk in and look to the left and the whole size of the side of the wall says “i love you so much” good warm fuzzy feelings already. The person who owns this place is so festive. I love her so much and I don’t know her, and yes, if you know me, I’ll be her when I’m older. Halloween is the most festive, you have to go during that time. One other place where I have suchhhhh a hard time deciding between eggs bene or chilaquiles. Sometimes you just have to get both, am I right? 
  8. Fig Tree Cafe: I owe this place my brunch addiction, it was the first place I had eggs bene. Who would have thought it would turn into this…but it did. They have “upgraded” potatoes, and when they bring it up, the answer is yes. They are life changing. I’m drooling just thinking about them. Gatsby gives them a big paw of approval because the servers will sometimes bring him bacon. 
  9. The Patio: I have not have one bad thing from this menu. From their sandwiches to eggs bene, to soups and salads. They normally have pulled pork bene, which I could do without, so for brunch I normally go something else. They have dog treats for when you bring your dogs, so guess what? Gatsby paw of approval stamped. 
  10. Red Card Cafe: A new little hip spot, my favorite thing about this place? The kitchen has a giant window so you see him make everything. We went on a slow Saturday morning, and he even came out. The crepes here are so good, I got confused if I was in San Diego or Paris…who knew. They also have chipolte hollandaise sauce. The best might I add. 

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