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Obviously I’m a blogger, hence why you are reading this. But I’m also a content creator, public influencer, and a girl boss. My side hustle is my passion, it’s what I come home from and do after my 9-5. Which is why I heard about Create & Cultivate read their blog, understood that they’re a movement- for #girlbosses to create and cultivate a career of their dreams and immediately became obsessed. They hold all female ( #girlboss) conferences and I knew I needed to go. Here I’ll recap my experience from their latest conference in LA!

It was filled with motivation and excitement for me to grow my brand and create new content! From all the amazing #girlbosses and content creators talking about their stories/giving advice, to “celebs” like Lauren Conrad & speaking about their newest shop to even Chrissy Teigen talking about how she’s became more filtered (#goals for me) and her experience with postpartum. But I won’t get ahead of myself.

Why go to a girl boss conference? It’s hard to stay inspired as a “new” blogger (can I still call myself that?) and it’s important to feel motivated at all times. I like to know what’s up and coming in the blogging community. To feel like there are girls out there KILLING IT. And to always keep learning.

I really didn’t know what to expect, but I was hoping that my VIP ticket would pay off in some way. After all- I’m balling on a budget!

The conference started off at Rolling Greens where it was a lot of networking with wine and kombucha. We started off making our own succulents (how fun!) and sipping some yummy wine. LinkedIn had a pop-up get your headshot done, I didn’t get to do that, the line was too long for the time they had scheduled the event. I met a few girls IRL (in real life) who I know from the blogging community and they are all amazing! It’s always nice to expand your community in that way.

They made sure we were never hungry. They had tons of breakfast options- yogurt, bagel sandwiches, coffee, healthade kombucha, chia pudding! And for lunch we had flower child (YUMMMM!!). Snacks? Oh well the pop-ups, but Postmates were there, and every hour they had a different snack. For the keynote speakers, towards the end of the event, they had wine, champagne, and crown royal was hosting it. They even had dinner of samples to try- pizza, burritos, you name it, it was probably there.

I want to give a shoutout to all the brands/companies that were there because the SWAG was endless! Just to name a few that were there…LaCroix, Purely Elizabeth, all the healthade kombucha you’d want, Olly (vitamins), RXbar, Lola, FabFitFun, KINDbars, Little Words Project, Livestrong, We Work, Wedding Wire, The Little Market. And there were also ones in “The Beauty Lounge” Dermalogica, Ecotools, Nordstrom, The Glam App, and Tresemme. Just to name a few…

Okay, I’ll be done oozing over the brands + aesthetics. For a little.

There were over 800 attendees split up into Track 1 + Track 2 with slightly different panels and discussions.

The first one was PODCAST 101: all about podcasting, which I really liked. I tried to relate everything that was said, back to Blonde Out Of Water. Learning and growing. To be honest, I wasn’t sure into podcasts, I thought of them more as when I’m doing roadtrips- and the crime ones. The only one not like that I’d listen to was The goal digger, by Jenna Kutcher. Anyways…There was Lauryn Evarts, who runs the Instagram I love @theskinnyconfidental but her podcast is Him & Her. We also had Elizabeth Kott & Stephanie Simbari with the podcast That’s so Retrograde and Francheska Medina with Hey Fran Hey. 

A few things I took away from this- Be true to you. Not everyone is going to like what you’re putting out there, but people will align with the side of you they like. And be free, don’t worry about who’s going to like what. I also thought about my brand-what I’m trying to portray, who I am talking to. And coming up THIS WEEK! We will be polling on Instagram, so stay tuned for that!

I will be honest, I skipped the next talk to visit the pop ups. But do you really blame me?

The next one, I went to. And loved. Was NEVER NOT POSTING where Brittany Xavier, Jen Goth, Jacey Duprie, Busy Phillips, Hilary Sloan, & Rachel Curry spoke about how to keep up. <– lots of amazing people, I know. Jen Gotch talked about how she liked to entertain, how she struggles with boundaries, and how she viewed her blog/IG as a diary. I loved that. I love to entertain people, and hey sometimes you might know a little more than what would be “appropriate” (sorry, not sorry.)

They talked about how you need to run your IG like a community, not to focus on the likes or number of followers (which is SO HARD to do) but to offer value to your audience. Why should they be following and engaging with you? And don’t forget to make it personal. 

After lunch we did a mentor power hour where I had Kimmie Green and Jen Goth. I picked them for a few obviously reasons. Kimmie is a total boss and Jen loves to entertain and keep it real. So I had Kimmie for my #careergoals and Jen for my #sidehustlegoals.

Kimmie is a total girl boss- she’s ran her own business and is now the director of PR and communication at QuickBooks, not to mention she has two kids. She is #goals. Jen Goth was my other one- she doesn’t hold back on emotion- and as a follower it’s raw, you can feel it. I used to think of myself as emotionless if you will. Where letting others in, seeing what you’re feeling, means you’re weak. That is something I’ve been working on over the past year or so. But it’s amazing to see she’s vulnerable and full of emotion- yet also runs a successful company, stays true to her brand, and it a total girl boss.

Let’s also take a second to swoon over her outfit!

WorkParty had a surprise guest- Molly Simms where she talked about building your career and having fun while doing it.

Half way done with the day and I felt like I was ready to conquer the world.

We talked about branding and had a fireside panel with influencers who have over a million followers..CAN WE SAY GOALS?! Who said to work hard, keep your goals in mind, and don’t settle.

Overall, Create and Cultivate was an eye opening, inspiring conference where you really understood the meaning of #girlboss and how you have to support each other and everyone will succeed. No one is trying to take the spotlight away from you. I met so many amazing women, listened to so many amazing people, and can 100% say, I can’t wait to do it again.

If you have any more questions, or want to know more about this conference feel free to DM me!

~ XOXO, Amanda the all inspired content creator & influencer.

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