Cheers to 2018!

First of all, I’d like to say au revoir 2017, and welcome 2018! I know I’m about two weeks too late with this post, but better late than never I always say! I’ll start with a little review of 2017 although my biggest past 6 months you can find here: but we all like a little background right?

At the end of 2016 (WOW time flies!) my boyfriend Danny, and I, decided to move to Boston. He’s from just North of Boston, had been itching to get back, and I was up for an adventure so he “dragged” this beach bum and her sandy pup cross country in June all the way to the land of lobsters. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

December 2016, everyone thought I was crazy, like I wasn’t really going to move. After all, if you know me at all…I’ve had salt water running through my veins for as long as I could walk. And yes, Boston has beaches, but it’s a city that revolves around the city, and San Diego is a city that revolves around the beach.

My first part of 2017 revolved around my move. Doing “last things” in San Diego, my bucket list, which I love. It was spent eating everything I knew I couldn’t get (lots of burritos), spent with friends doing things we loved to do..hike, sail, beach days, surf, you name it. But then there were bigger things, like a weekend at Disneyland, or a weekend in a small quaint surf town, Santa Barbara, where I used to spend weeks at a time over my summers as a kid, and have some of the fondest memories.

Looking back now, I wish I soaked up more of each moment, really taking it in. Don’t we always look back and want that? So this will be a good lead in to my 2018 vision board, verbally, as if that’s a thing?

New year, new adventures, new travels, new eats, new friends, new goals. I could go on and on. But, same me (Hiiii!!) If you are a compulsive list maker like me, that’s where it all starts. I have these ideas on things I want to do, accomplish and write them down. This year, is very different than last because I didn’t know what to expect for the latter part of 2017. But this year, I’m making expectations, and goals I want to achieve.

Outlining my goals, making them seem realistic, but also gives them purpose on why, why I want these. So I started off with my themes, and knowing this: Write it down, and make it happen.

  1. Health: I want to focus on eating healthy (with cheat meals included, cause I live in Boston!) But not only that, I want to put emphasis on exercising. I’ve made excuses this whole past year, I walk Gatsby, it’s a start, and after that I don’t have time. OKAY AMANDA, your biggest life motto is that you make time for things that are important, nice try on that one. 
  2. Living with intention and practicing gratitude: I get wrapped up in the big picture, in how I thought everything was going to play out, like a perfect little picture in my head. Instead of that, I want to create my moments and really live in them. I want to feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for each moment, for every person in my life. And know that I’m exactly where I am supposed to be, and to stop questioning it.
  3. Career: I needed a job when I moved here, ASAP. But what I’m currently doing, is it long term for me? Is it what I’m passionate about? <- answering those questions
  4. The Blog: This is hopefully going to be my biggest year yet. I want to exponentially grow with you all. To let you all into my life, to work with brands I love and keep my overall theme going. This right here, is one of my top priorities.

I’ll end off by saying, thank you 2017! For making me grow, dig deep within myself. For showing me a new city, and making my relationship stronger. For teaching me this “adulting” thing realllllly isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And most importantly, for giving me new memories, new friends, new growth, and a new home.

I’m excited for this year, I’m ready for whatever it throws at me: the ups, the downs, the laughter, the tears, the change, the travels, the love, and the struggles. All of it, 2018, I’m ready and up for the challenge!

~ XOXO, Amanda

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