Bumpdate: 12 Weeks (First Trimester)

First of all, I have to say THANK YOU all so much for all of your messages and excitement about Baby Freier. Chris and I have gotten nothing but love, support, and well-wishes since announcing the new addition to our family and we are still on cloud 9. I have been waiting for this time in my life for a very, very long time. I have always felt called to be a mother, so whatever I experience throughout this time the overwhelming excitement of being a mom and meeting this little baby I know will make it all worth it. 

Being a pregnant mama these days can be super overwhelming to say the least, there is endless amounts of information out there. There are countless books, articles, and internet forums out there that you could create a whole career out of researching pregnancy. Not to mention, every person giving you their advice and what you should be doing. Knowing every pregnancy and what moms choose to do is all so different, I did always find it helpful and reading about other women’s experiences first-hand. Therefore, I want to return the favor and hopefully be a helpful resource for someone else out there! So, let’s dive in! But first, YAY we made it through the first trimester and I am officially ⅓ done with this pregnancy.

The First 12 Weeks – Pregnancy Symptoms

Fatigue & Tiredness

I’ve always been someone who goes to bed early and loves her full 8+ hours of sleep but this was different. I would go to bed earlier than normal and never wake up feeling like I had gotten enough sleep. I’m also the go go go type of person and I don’t think I let myself rest as needed. I also heard from just about everyone that they experienced this as well, which always helps and it hasn’t gone away yet either. 

Vomiting & Nausea

This one has been non-existent for me, I think I felt sick twice, and one of two was because I was hungry. I feel so bad for the mamas that have this throughout their whole first trimester. I did keep ginger chews at hand at all times just in case.

Acne & Dry Skin

The acne side of things never came to me (thankfully!) but the dry skin definitely did. I have always been into skincare but this made me even more. I found myself using more serums and moisturizers than before. I swear by this serum and this moisturizer. I also would oddly wake up in the middle of the night because my feet felt dry. I now always keep lotion on my nightstand, just in case.

Tiny Bladder

As someone who has already needed to frequently use the bathroom, this one is beyond insane for me. I wake up at a minimum of once a night (I think my record has been 5 so far) and during the day you bet I am in the bathroom for so much of it. 

Vivid Dreams

Haha, dreams. I typically had vivid dreams at least once a week but now almost every night I have vivid dreams and for the most part I remember exactly what I dreamt. This was also why I am so convinced about the baby’s gender.

Weight Gain & Bloating

Not my favorite, but expected. In the first trimester, I only gained 2 lbs. But I felt different, I felt larger (especially after a big dinner and lots of water throughout the day), I felt my body changing, again normal. Most mornings I would wake up and you could hardly see anything but by the evening little baby bump was apparent. 

Comparing my Pregnancy to Others

I have to keep reminding myself that everyone carries so differently with their pregnancies and there is so much that depends on different things that makes every pregnancy non comparable. When I first found out I was pregnant, my doctor told me when I would start to experience morning sickness, when that never came nor basically any pregnancy symptom I was so worried that there was something wrong. I would see other mamas on Instagram or people tell me about how awful the first trimester was, and really all in all, I was just lucky.  


I wouldn’t say I had any cravings but more so if something sounded good, I would want it more and more until I got it. Chipotle, snickerdoodles, chicken noodle soup, curry, mac n cheese, you name it. And then there are the sweets, while I have always loved ice cream, this was different. I needed sweets. I always felt like after I ate I needed something to top it off – a cookie, a candy, ice cream – anything. What also surprised me was that I have always been a savory brunch person, but not anymore – that french toast was calling my name. If there were donuts in the office, you can bet I indulged. 

Headaches & Caffeine Withdrawals

Everyone will tell you something different about caffeine intake, and I (still to this day) air on the side of caution with my pregnancy. Only drink one cup of coffee a day? Nope, none for me. The day I took a pregnancy test was the last day I drank coffee, and if you know me, you know how hard this was and how much I enjoy and frankly look forward to my morning cup of coffee. I started getting headaches which I knew would go away – the caffeine withdrawal headaches of course. 

Increased Sense of Smell

My sense of smell became out-of-this-world accurate and strong. I could smell what the neighbors in the complex were making, I walked into a dive bar and I was like “woah this smells like old spilt beer” even at my hair appointment, I would smell iced tea as if someone was just brewing and pouring it next to me. 

Tender Breasts & Nipples

This one is one of the worst and this is also what made me take a pregnancy test. Since day one, my boobs have been so sore, to the touch. Probably because they are expanding and going up a few cup sizes in a matter of months. But not just tenderness, extreme nipple sensitivity as well. Such as hugging a friend hurts them, or taking off a bra in the wrong way is excruciating. I don’t know if other mamas-to-be experienced it this bad, but it was definitely not fun. 

Hiding Pregnancy

This one was always so weird to me, I never envisioned this part of pregnancy. But as you read, I was so worried that something was going to go wrong I was so adamant about keeping the baby a secret. Of course, we told our close family and friends, but at work or in our extended network, it was all a secret. I was fake drinking at work events, saying I felt sick when I just didn’t want to deal with it, all the things.

All in all, I feel like I had a very mild first trimester (thankfully). Tell me, was your experience anything like mine or what was yours like? I’d love to know!

~ XOXO, the happy and pregnant, Amanda // Blonde out of Water

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