Boston Bound: Cross Country Edition

If you know me, you know I love the beach. All things sand, salt, and sun. But if you also know me, then you know in less than a month (AH!) I’ll be packing up and moving from San Diego to Boston.

Am I crazy? Yeah. Do I even know what snow is? Absolutely not. What better way to experience it than first hand. Oh and don’t worry, fur baby Gatsby is coming along for the ride.

Picture this: Two crazy kids, a smiley golden sticking his head out the window (tongue flapping), a Honda Accord stuffed to the top with their belongings, with the only one who has room has 4 paws, and a route mapped out cross country to a whole new beginning/different life. Yep, that’ll be us! Are we not the most cliche story?

So a lot of people are asking me why, my sassy self loves to answer with: why not. I figure, here I am trying to make the most of my ’20s and being the adventurer I am. So yes: why not.


A new learning experience. Driving that far, I have this ideal video playing in my head of us driving, signing to music, stopping to play fetch, and trying delicious foods. The drive I know won’t be exactly like that, but it’s okay to dream, right? It’ll most likely be Danny refusing to drive (ever), Gatsby trying to get comfortable, me failing at being a copilot and adding 3 hours to the day, and long stretches of nothing to look at. But hey, we’ll figure it out, and I’m still pulling for some fun.

Plus once we get there, I also have this ideal version of how life will go…I’ll find my dream job, Danny will get his too, Gatsby will have as many friends, anddd we’ll find a perfect little apartment…will this happen? I SURE HOPE SO!

It’ll be hard to make new friends. In college, everyone is so eager to make friends. I know the real world isn’t like that, people have their established groups. But I’d talk to anyone who listens, even if they have 4 paws 😉 so I’m really hoping that people will be welcoming us (and me) into their groups.

We’ll learn to rely on each other. My boyfriend and I have been pretty in sync, being each other’s other half. I like to say he’s the guy version of me;) I don’t think anything will bring us closer, than moving from what we’ve known together and moving to a new city, with all the trials and errors, and adventures we’ll go through.

I’ll become more in tune with my gut instinct. Having been to Boston a whopping two times, and not spent more than 7 days there. This will be an eye opener, I will have no knowledge (except for word on the street) of the city, where to live, work, traffic, etc. Meaning I’ll be learning as I go. I’ll feel it out. Discovering new things, adapting and trying to understand my new home.

I’ll start to wonder where home is. I love San Diego, it has been wonderful to me. And the home-y-est place there ever will be, I have countless memories here and it will always have a special place in my heart. But once I have my career, friends, and everything lined up, I can’t help but wonder if I will start to consider Boston “home.”

I’m living my life with the potential for an “oops” than a “what if.” Yes of course, me living through quotes (what else is new) but it’s so true! I could sit here and debate forever, but why not try it, it’s the best way to see, to get out of your comfort zone and of course to live. After all, I do have to learn for myself.

Stay tuned: Next month, I’ll be updating on my culture shock.
















~ XOXO, Amanda

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