My review on Winc: the Monthly Wine Delivery Service

Winc Monthly Wine Subscription

Interested in a wine delivery service? Let’s start from the basics and let me assume a few things, if you’re reading this you are probably in the slightest remotely interested in wine, and you probably aren’t a sommelier at a winery. If I’m wrong please excuse my mistake! But if I’m right, let me introduce you to Winc, its very own wine delivery service and one of the most popular wine clubs in the U.S.! It’s a 100% online winery and wine club that wants to make exploring wine simpler and more enjoyable.

Winc is a monthly wine delivery service that uses a “Palate Profile” that uses your own ratings to recommend and ship the best wines for your tastes. It helped me figure out which types of wine I like best and then ships me those right to my door monthly. This way, you don’t get lost and overwhelmed in the wine aisle to try and decipher labels and then end up just choosing the one that looks the prettiest or “speaks to you” in some way. The best part? There’s no fee or commitment to join, and you can skip the month’s shipment any time you want.

Wine Subscription Box

For myself, I wouldn’t be a complete amateur in the wine section, but I also know I’m nowhere near a professional sommelier. I will occasionally buy wines I hate when I try to be adventurous and work up a little courage. If you’re at a party with me, I will not be the girl who is swishing her glass and rattles off tasting notes. Let’s be honest, I’m the one who’s at the cheese and charcuterie board.

But I do always enjoy trying a new bottle and hopefully opening up a new favorite, so I thought I’d give Winc a try.

Winc Wines Delivered to your front door

How to use Winc – the Cheap Wine Subscription

To kick off your “Palate Profile” you will be guided to answer a short questionnaire that will ask you things like how you like your coffee, and how much you like flavors such as citrus and mushrooms.

Based on that, Winc will offer you 4 bottles that they think you will like based on the answer to your questions to kick off your first wine subscription box. You can choose the number of whites and reds and Winc will adjust your bottles. If you really want to learn and get into the wines you can look at the tasting notes, ratings from other Winc members, and its body and sweetness levels.

At last, your wine delivery service has started! Your monthly wine box includes four bottles of wine, and you can add as many additional bottles as you’d like. Shipping is $9 for orders (unless you use my link – here!) Where not only will you save on shipping but you will also save $20 if you order four or more bottles of wine. How do you say no? Hint, hint…you don’t.

Not only is Winc good for yourself, but what about a wine delivery gift? You will be their favorite person ever.

My Review of Winc

So now that I get my wine delivery service monthly from Winc, here are my thoughts. The precious cargo will arrive securely packed in a box that even has a handle to make for easy transportation. Winc aims to teach you about wines in general and wines you like so you can become your own at-home sommelier after you get your wine delivery service, because of this your box of wine will include an informative/fun A-Z guide of important wine and Winc terms.

There’s no need to be intimidated by wine anymore. Winc‘s easy-to-use platform lets you get past your limited wine experience to fully enjoy a glass (or two, or three- no judgment here) of wines that you will really like! It’s also a cheap wine subscription which is a win-win in my book.

From the packaging to the bottles themselves, everything about Winc is elegant and sophisticated, yet doesn’t give off the stuffy vibes.

Are you ready to sip mouthwatering vino in your PJ’s on your couch like me? Right now, order four bottles and receive $20 off your first box with a new email along with free shipping. Over time, your monthly wine delivery subscription with Winc will become more and more personalized to your tastes and preferences and continually adapts as you try and rate new bottles of wine.

Cheers to discovering your next favorite wine without spending a lot of money and having them delivered right to your front door! And you are welcome for introducing you to the best wine delivery service.

~ XOXO, the sommelier in training, Amanda // Blonde out of Water

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