Best Trader Joe’s Wines Under $10

If you’re a fellow Trader Joe’s + wine snob (LOL) like me, then you know that the wine section at Trader Joe’s is a different slice of heaven. Not to mention, I love being transported with wines to places like roaming through wine country in Napa, Italy, France, or Spain, with each sip. I’ll start by saying, never walk down the aisle and judge a wine by its label or price tag because there’s a lot of inexpensive wines at TJ’s that taste expensive. Not saying that I haven’t dumped some down the drain, but these are the ones that continue to be a staple in my wine fridge.

Cheers to Cheap and Delicious Wines from Trader Joe’s

Cheap & Delicious Wines from Trader Joe's

Terrain Vineyards California Red Blend ($3.99)

The first of this price wine that I tried at Trader Joe’s and to be honest, I was a little worried. I knew I wasn’t the college kid anymore who drank pink Moscato, but I was wrong. This wine is amazing. It’s a little jammy but not overkill, and it’s a smooth red that’s best to keep on hand for all occasions.

La Paca Sonriente Garnacha ($6.99)

This red is a little bolder (yet still medium-bodied) and gives off a dark cherry/leather taste but it’s not overwhelming by any means. It’s great to take to a summer BBQ because it’s a little spicier. It’s well balanced and has a subtle complexity as you continue to sip, where else are you going to find this for under $7?

Rare Earth Cabernet Sauvignon ($7.99)

This cab has a very bold flavor, which is *harder* to find with other cheap/reasonably priced Cabs. I find this one in particular very easy to drink, it has a slight strong acidity at first but then it’s tamed by how sweet it is. Plus, since it’s made with organic grapes it contains fewer sulfates.

Le Pépin Pinot Noir Vin de France ($5.99)

This Pinot Noir is smooth and dry yet still fruit-forward. It’s safe to say it’s a steal for the price and tastes like it should be far more expensive. It’s the perfect wine to bring to a friend’s house for dinner and have them think you’re a lot fancier than you actually are.

Beau Jardin Cabernet ($8.99)

I love this Cab because it’s on the lighter side which means you can drink it well into the late spring and early summer. Though it’s still perfect for a cool winter evening. It’s super flavorful for the price. I’ve also heard (not that I’ve tried for fair warning) that their Chardonnay is quite tasty as well.

Phigment Red Blend ($5.99)

Did you know that this wine is made exclusively for Trader Joe’s? I didn’t either. It sips at first stronger than it finishes. It’s “spicy” and super unique with a fruit-forward taste.

La Finca Tempranillo ($4.49)

I was intrigued to try this one because it’s from Argentina and I won’t lie, I tend to lean more towards the Italian and French wines. But surprisingly it fits right in with whatever region you’re drinking. It’s a great wine that’s ready to drink when you pour it and it’s inexpensive.

Moon X Black Pinot Noir ($6.99)

Another great bottle that’s produced in California and perfect to drink all year round. Although it’s pretty fruit-forward, it does leave you with a little spice.

**Bonus Bubbly** Trader Joe’s Blanc de Blancs ($5.99)

Doesn’t everyone love a good glass of bubbly? I’m right there with you – I love a good Veuve Cliquot, but I know I’m not alone when sometimes your girl doesn’t want to drop $50 on a bottle of Champagne. That’s where I introduce you to this wine. It’s a super dry wine that tastes good for the price! It’s perfect for casual brunch and mimosas. They even sell it by the case for occasions like NYE, or whatever the celebration may be…like a Sunday.

Best Cheap Red Wines From Trader Joe’s

Do you have any others that I need to try and add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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~ XOXO, the Trader Joe’s & wine lover, Amanda // Blonde out of Water

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