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I love browsing on amazon and discovering new items. I’m sure you can agree! It’s pretty amazing how much is out there. When I started sharing some of my favorite products on Instagram and my blog, I had so many people love the new finds, and others who wanted to chime in and share some of their favorites. I knew what I bought and loved, you all would too.  Here are my September favorite Amazon finds! Disclaimer: some of these you will use everyday, some of these are *fun*, and some of these are just down right necessary.

Know it’s an add to cart day? Skip the reading & start shopping here!

Bad Hair Day Hat

Navy Blue Bad Hair Day Hat

I don’t really think this needs any explanation other than when your hair is a greasy mess or you just need to throw something on your head to cover it up for a quick run to the grocery store, this hat is perfect. If you know me at all (which since you’re reading this I’m assuming you at least know me a little) then you know I’m a big fan of making fun of myself. Which is why yes, let’s call out when we’re looking not our best, and own. it. sister. 

Wine Aerator Pourer

Wine Aerator Pourer from Amazon


This will perfectly aerate your wine. This comes with two – which makes it a great deal! It’s a great addition to a bottle of wine for a hostess gift, plus you get one for yourself. The best part? Your wine will instantly taste better. Pour yourself a glass of wine, because let’s face it – you deserve it. 

Pineapple Bike Koozie

Pineapple Beach Cruiser Bike Koozie

I know it may be a little late in the season for bike riding for some of you. But in Southern California – we get to enjoy the sunshine all year long. I recently got a beach cruiser (posts + information coming soon!) but I saw this on Amazon and immediately needed it. It’s great for a beer/white claw while you’re riding and works at keeping it cool. I *almost* thought this might have been a little too cheesy, but was quickly reminded by my girlfriends “When do you care about being cheesy?” and they were right – I don’t. Neither should you. 

Melatonin Sleep Gummies


These are a lifesaver. I have tried many many different brands for natural melatonin sleep gummies and these ones are by far the best. They just have melatonin in them – no other vitamins which gives maximum effect. These gummies are 5 mg while others are 2.5 – 3mg and with their price point, 100% best bang for your buck. They’re made with organic sweeteners, and are free of artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or preservatives. They also taste amazing, like a fruit snack from when you were a child. Want to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer? Try these. 

Travel Wallet

I had this travel wallet last summer when I traveled through Italy and it was the best! There are so many compartments for everything you may ever need – passport pocket, boarding pass compartment, credit card/ID pockets,  a cell phone pouch (max 5.8 inches), money & coins zippered pocket, and a few other miscalous pouches. It’s great to have everything all in one place so you don’t lose money or important documents. There are sooo many colors that these come in for whatever you may like. 

Silk Hair Scrunchies

First question, can you ever have enough scrunchies? First answer, no. These are a little smaller than what I used to have. But it’s great because they’re aren’t so in your face. These are great stocking stuffers or birthday gift ideas. Plus they come in a pack of 6 so you don’t have to feel bad when you lose them and you will have a variety of colors for different outfits. The scrunchies are perfect for so many different hair styles – high bun, ponytail, to half up ponytail. These are the scrunchies you need in your life!

Pet Wedge Hair Remover

As you all know, I have a very hairy golden retriever named Gatsby…and the shedding doesn’t stop. I got this hair remover as a gift and it was a total game changer. It’s great for blankets, carpets, pet beds, car seats, anything that’s tough to get hair off of. You just wipe it right down and it’s full of hair! You can use it many times and it’s easy to clean. All you do is wash water through it and the hair comes off it. 

Women’s Athleisure Jacket

This is 100% a lululemon dupe from their athleisure zip up jackets. These are lightweight, yet give you another layer for the fall/winter months to keep warm. It’s great for light exercise or just running errands. The pockets zip which I love because nothing falls out – phone, cards, keys, etc. They come in sooo many colors (I have the Alpine Iris) and the jacket is so flattering on every body type. 

Women’s High Waisted Leggings

These leggings are perfectly paired with your new athleisure jacket that you just added to cart. ! These are alternatives to the $98 Align pants are about $30 and are SUCH GOOD QUALITY. These are another lululemon dupe that I absolutely love. They also come in a lot of different colors, but I of course went with your basic black. They are high waisted to help bring in your waist aka very slimming, and not see through in the slightest. Again, perfect for working out or your cute athleisure look running errands. 

Women’s Casual Pullover Sweater

I’m such a sucker for a freaking hoodie. Of any kind, but especially this one (or any like this.) This sweater comes in 4 colors and are all perfectly paired with leggings and sneakers or dressed up with jeans and booties. They have a ribbed neckline which can give it a v chic look, not to mention it is so comfy!

Clothes Hangers Extender

Closet Hanger Extender from Amazon

If you are anything like me, you never have anything to wear but also never have enough space in your closet. And I have a solution for you, these hangers. They will no joke save and create you so much space in your closet. They can hold up to 30 lbs and every hanger gives you 6 hooks. Imagine the possibilities. It’s a must buy for your next home purchase. 






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What have you bought on Amazon lately that you love?! I obviously don’t find anything. If you want more Amazon favorites, check out my Amazon storefront or my August Favorite Amazon purchases. Happy shopping!

~ XOXO, the Self-Dubbed Queen of Amazon, Amanda // Blonde out of Water

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