Bermuda Travel Guide

I’ll start off by saying Bermuda is beautiful. They always say “have a bermudaful day” and it’s true! The water is some of the bluest I’ve ever seen. On the cab ride from the airport to the hotel, I kept saying “this water is so blue!” and the cab driver laughed. He saw it everyday, and I am jealous!!

Traveling to Bermuda

I’ll start off by saying, I’m used to going to Mexico – where it’s not that I haven’t felt safe or anything but there’s always the thought in your head and you hear lots of bad stories. While in Bermuda, that’s not the case. Everyone was sooo nice. I took a photo of the marina, thought Danny was standing behind me and said, “I like Bermuda” and a local was walking by answers me, and said “I’m glad you do, I do too.” Before we went we also heard it’s expensive, and sure I knew it wasn’t going to be “cheap” by any means – but it’s more than Boston prices 100% and that I wasn’t necessarily prepared for. But my motto is, you don’t go on vacation to be cheap and not to things, not try things. Otherwise it’s not the right time for vacation!

We chose to go to Bermuda because the flight was just over an hour and a half! It was such an easy flight which made our decision so perfect. We left Friday morning and had half of Friday and came back Monday afternoon so we had most of Monday as well!

One notable thing about Bermuda is the city shuts down on Sunday’s. It was hard to find restaurants or shops open. We wanted to go to the Dockyard and do a snorkeling tour – but we found out fast that nothing happens on Sunday’s.

One thing I always try to do when visiting a place is to ask locals where to go – off the beaten path sort of finds! Here’s everything we found!

Where we stayed in Bermuda 

We stayed at the Princess Hamilton in Bermuda. We loved the location! It was right in the middle of downtown – walking distances to shops & restaurants. The room was upgraded and the grounds were beautiful. The hotel was pink and the way the palms hit it, I was obsessed.

There’s a private beach which they have a shuttle that takes you to, and remember when I was talking about the clear blue water? Talk about getting to lay on the beach all day and stare at it! Yes please.

Overall, we were happy with our hotel! And the pool situation couldn’t have been better! Give me sun and I’m a happy girl.

palm leaves against pink wall

Must-eats & drinks in Bermuda 

First of all the island signature drinks are a “Dark & Stormy” and a “Rum Swizzle” which are a must. We drank these at The Swizzle Inn & The Pickled Onion & pretty much everywhere we ordered a drink at. But those two places were “authentic”.

We ate at our hotel’s restaurant, 1609, and we got the ahi-tuna flatbread – which I would highly recommend. We also had “fine dining” at Harry’s but fine dining in Bermuda isn’t that much more $$ than any other meal you’d eat. Plot twist: Italian? In Bermuda? Who would have thought! But we did at Little Venice, and it was delicious.

For dinner one night, I was craving sushi – we were recommended Beluga, Peal, and Coconut Rock. We went to the Coconut Rock, and it didn’t disappoint – does sushi ever though? We also found a coffee shop/cafe, Buzz, which had delicious coffee and we also got breakfast sandwiches at.

What to do in Bermuda

We spent a lot of time at the pool and beaches. We never made it to the Dockyard where all the cruise ships come in – which is also where a lot of sailing/snorkeling charters take out from. That’s where most of the “fun” & “touristy” things happen. There’s also the botanical gardens which looked beautiful as well! Our front desk girl, who checked us in said it wasn’t mind blowing, so we listened to her.

Horseshoe Bay was a beautiful beach! White sand, blue water, what else do you honestly need in life? Thought about just building a little cottage and never coming out! Who’s with me?!

We did walk through the Crystal Caves which was amazing – and I would highly recommend. It’s crazy to think how the Earth works and a little sketchy walking down steps into a cave, which apparently two 14 year old boys discovered manyyyy years ago.

Overall, we loved Bermuda! And would recommend and who knows, maybe we’ll visit again!

Have any other questions? Or places next time we have to hit up? Let me know!!

~ XOXO, the Bermuda pro, Amanda, // Blonde out of Water

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