Beautycounter Products Based on Your Skin Type

Do you know your skin type? Do you know what Beautycounter products you should be using based on what your skin type is? If the answer to either of those questions is no, then this post is for you. Or maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by the beauty industry or haven’t found products that work for you. For any of you, let me help! 

Beautycounter Skin Types 

A lot of people (which used to include myself) stick to basic skincare because there are never ending options available to you. One stroll down the skin care isle and I was overwhelmed and slowly backed up. I didn’t get committed to skincare until I was introduced to Beautycounter and committed to this brand. And that doesn’t say that I don’t use anything else, but for me, if I know it works then why would I try something and potentially have it not work? And to take that to the next level once you know a company’s mission and it aligns with your own values, you shop freely and with confidence. 

Narrowing down the skincare market also helps identify your skin type and you will know what will work for your skin specifically. 

Your skin type is based on a few different factors genetics, lifestyle, your environment, nutrition, hydration, and of course hormones. What I learned is that it’s always better to work from the inside out, meaning once you work on the variables you can control, you can fully focus on a skincare routine that matches your life and your skin type.

How to Find out Your Skin Type?

Dry: This means your skin is tight (especially after washing/drying), flaky, absorbs your moisturizer super fast. This means you have dry skin. Majority of people with dry skin struggle with dullness, fine lines, and have small pores.

Oily: This means you’ll have excess oil all over your skin, large pores, you may have acne, will have occasional breakouts, and have blackheads. 

Combination: As I’m sure you may have guessed, this means you have a combination of dry and oily skin. Basically, if your T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) are oily and your cheeks and forehead are dry this is you. Typically, you’d have shiny spots or large pores in some areas but not others.

Sensitive: Typically people with sensitive skin will get red or irritated when they add/change a new skincare product in. Because of this – if you have sensitive skin, you’re probably more inclined to stick to very basic skincare so your skin doesn’t get angry. 

Normal: You haven’t given skincare much thought. You feel like you don’t need to worry about acne, aging, breakouts, or redness/irritation. 

Still not sure? Take this quiz here!  

Why do regiments work?

Majority of people will be able to use a 4 step regimen based on their skin type which is what I would recommend. There are a few people (because everyone’s skin is truly unique) that may need to mix and match a few items. I can speak from not only experience but with research that sticking with a regiment that is formulated for your skin type will give you the results that you are looking for. Your skin cell’s turnover rate is every few weeks, not every few days, aka be committed to your regiment and give it time to work before ditching it. 

Beautycounter Regiments & Solutions for Every Skin Type

Here are the regiments based on what skin type you are, if you’re still confused send me a DM on Instagram (@blondeoutofwater) or send me an email here

Problem: Dry and/or Aging Skin

Dry or Anti Aging Skincare

Goal: Give your skin an extra boost of hydration that will actually last

Keep an eye out for: Skincare products that won’t strip skin of its natural oils and at the same time support the skin’s moisture barrier. Hydrating acids like hyaluronic acid are key. 

Regimen: Countertime (with safer alternatives to retinol: Bakuchiol and Swiss Alpine rose). Read my full review on the Beautycounter Countertime regimen here

Anti-Aging solutions/add ons to your regimen:

Problem: Oil and Acne Control 

Beautycounter Oil and Acne Control

Goal: Regulate and control oil production and breakouts and draw impurities out of the pores.

Keep an eye out for: Products with salicylic acid and activated charcoal to purify and products designed to provide moisture without a greasy feel. The goal isn’t to completely dry out the skin so it’s flaky/peeling. 

Regimen: Countercontrol (with wintergreen and rosebay willow to help mattify skin, purify pores, and reduce the appearance of redness)

Oil and Acne Control solutions/add ons to your regimen:

  • Charcoal Face Bar (great for oily skin, when you need extra good cleansing like after heavy sunscreen use and cleaning makeup brushes)
  • SOS Spot Treatment (use as needed for occasional breakouts)

Problem: Sensitive Skin

Beautycounter Sensitive Skin

Goal: Calm skin and minimize redness/sensitivity. 

Keep an eye out for: Skincare products that are gentle without *too* many active ingredients and simple ingredients designed to soothe skin. Always add any additional products one at time to avoid your skin getting mad at you. 

Regimen: Countermatch (with squalane and plum oil moisturize and nourish) OR if you have a teen then Counterstart Cleanser with coconut and vitamin E is perfect for them (gentle and affordable).

Sensitive Skin solutions/add ons to your regimen: 

No problem: Keep my skin happy

Beautycounter normal skin

Goal: Keep skin happy, hydrated, and cared for with a routine that will maintain balance and moisture

Keep an eye out for: Safer products without questionable ingredients that will keep skin youthful and hydrated for the long haul!

Regimen: Countermatch (with squalane, plum oil and phytic acid to moisturize and aid in cell turnover to help skin glow)

Normal Skin solutions/add ons to your regimen: 

Problem: Unpredictable Teens/Tweens Breakouts (skincare starters)

Beautycounter Teen Skincare

Goal: Normalize skin with a regular cleansing routine and while preventing breakouts.

Keep an eye out for: A simple cleanser and moisturizer combination with treat steps as needed.

Regimen: Counterstart (two minimal products with coconut and vitamin E for teens looking for safer) the moisturizer and the cleanser. 

Teen solutions/add ons to your regimen:

Let’s take our skincare problems one step further aka products for dull skin!

Beautycounter Dullness

Goal: Even skin tone, brighten

Keep an eye out for: Products with vitamin C and gentle exfoliation so your natural beauty can shine through.

Brightness solutions/add ons to your regimen:

My Skin Type – Combination

I have 100% a combination of dry and oily skin. Basically, if your forehead and chin are oily and your cheeks and top of my forehead is dry. Typically, at the end of the day I feel oily and I need to wash my face ASAP. I use the countermatch regiment that has been perfect for my skin.

Adding in some of the brightening products has been great for my skin and complexion as well, like the SOS acne spot treatment for occasional breakouts, All Bright C Serum for sunspots or when I’m in the sun too long, the Overnight Peel for dullness, and Charcoal Mask for weekly exfoliation. You can choose a booster based on your targeted skin concerns, like anti-aging, brightening, brown spots, acne, or soothing redness. 


Shop any of these skincare regimens at:

~XOXO, the clean beauty obsessed, Amanda // Blonde out of Water

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