50 Reasons To Be Happy Right Now

I think sometimes we need a little reminder to live the little things, because life can get  hard and it’s so easy to get wrapped up and get lost in your thoughts.

I wrote this for me last week, because I needed it to think and live this. And I thought that maybe you all could use a little reminder too.


  1. Complete and total relaxation, see picture above!
  2. The sun is FINALLY warming us up in Boston!!
  3. A fully embracing hug from someone you love
  4. How excited your fur baby gets when you come home, or get out of the shower. LOL!
  5. Having wine and cheese for dinner.
  6. Getting kicked in the face by puppy paws in the middle of the night.
  7. Eating dessert first.
  8. The smell of the hot concrete after it rains.
  9. The feeling when you get your eyebrows waxed (after it’s been very overdue).
  10. Treating yourself to a little retail therapy.
  11. The first sip of hot coffee in the morning.
  12. A compliment on something you were feeling insecure about.
  13. Waking up next to the one you love.
  14. Walking down the stairs to the subway right as a train pulls up.
  15. Opening a perfectly ripe avocado.
  16. Taking the perfect picture.
  17. Watching the sunset.
  18. A freshly set of painted nails.
  19. Fitting into your “skinny jeans”
  20. The satisfying feeling of finishing a book.
  21. The smell of the concrete after a hot afternoon rain.
  22. Crossing everything off of your to-do-list.
  23. Getting flowers from your trip to Trader Joe’s that light up the whole room.
  24. When your work week goes by fast, and suddenly it’s Friday.
  25. Realizing your black shirt was covered in dog hair all day…and it’s 8pm.
  26. Not setting an alarm.
  27. Trying a new recipe and it instantly becomes a favorite.
  28. When you throw your hair into a messy bun, and it’s actually cute.
  29. Going through old pictures, and getting instantly taken back to that moment.
  30. Kitchen dance parties while cooking, when your favorite song comes on.
  31. Getting your thoughts out into words that describe your feelings.
  32. When you remember to wish on 11:11
  33. Doing a polar bear plunge, half way freezing to death, but 100% fully alive.
  34. Finding cookbooks for every occasion on fun websites like this one
  35. The sound of rain hitting your window as you fall asleep
  36. Taking off your bra and getting in comfy clothes at the end of a long day
  37. Looking around at your life and feeling content and at ease.
  38. When it’s finally warm enough after a long winter to drive with your windows down
  39. Wrapping yourself in a blanket that just came out of the dryer.
  40. The perfect amount of whipped cream on a hot chocolate.
  41. Finding an extra dollar in your pocket.
  42. Hearing your parents say “I love you” and know they really mean it
  43. That high you get after an intense workout
  44. The feeling of sand in between your toes.
  45. Facetiming your long distance besties
  46. Waking up an extra 5 minutes earlier to get an extra 5 minutes of cuddling
  47. Seeing your fluffy puppy running towards you with his ears flopping
  48. Putting an outfit on, and falling in love with it
  49. Day dreaming about dreamy vacation spots
  50. Remembering to fully embrace each moment

Hopefully some of these you realize you need to do more, feel more, and just remember that it really is the little things that make up the big things in life.


~ Amanda

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