2nd Trimester Bumpdate

And just like that, I am officially ⅔’s of the way done with this pregnancy! I remember when I was writing my first trimester bumpdate, I was thinking to myself, “Well, that flew by quick!” And now here I am writing my second trimester bumpdate in shock that it really did go by this quick. It feels like the baby’s due date is right around the corner. I know with the holidays coming up, it will go by that much faster and she will be here before I know it. 

As I jump into the 3rd trimester and immerse myself into all things baby prep and write this, i can’t help but to reflect. While I am learning to love this new body of mine and constantly be in awe of how it can grow, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude. I’m so grateful to be pregnant, while lots of couples I know are struggling to not only get pregnant, but to stay pregnant. I’m grateful that when it came time to even think of wanting to start a family it happened quicker than we could have imagined and that so far *knock on wood* that this pregnancy has been so easy and free of any complications. I have to say, it’s such a blessing that I don’t take it for granted. 

I feel like I “popped” in this trimester and I must say being pregnant and looking like it, and being pregnant and looking like you have a “food baby” aka you ate a huge California burrito is a vast difference. The best part in my opinion. 


Our gender reveal was 100% the highlight of this trimester. If you’ve been following me on Instagram or if we have chatted, you know I was 100% convinced that this little nugget was a boy.  We did a small little cake with just us, then did a fun confetti popper to show her off. Little Miss F or Baby F as we all call her. We are keeping the baby’s name a secret until she’s here. Yes, from not only this online network, but also from friends and family. You can see our gender reveal images here + what she should have been according to old wives tales

Maternity Clothes 

Honestly I feel like good maternity clothes are hard to find! I found Pink Blush Maternity and really love their stuff, make sure to use code “AMANDAXO_25OFF” for 25% off! I also found these maternity clothes + necessities on Amazon. I also can’t find any shorts/pants that I like. I still wear my lulu aligns, although I don’t know how much longer those will fit, but I basically live in dresses. 

How’s Baby?

Baby girl is currently doing great! She had her due date moved up a week and she’s still in the 80th percentile. We have had lots of check-ups, tests, and ultrasounds that have all indicated she is perfectly healthy!

How’s Mama?

Things are definitely starting to feel more surreal with each passing week! Every time we are sitting at the doctor’s office and get to hear her little heartbeat, it’s hard not to get emotional. Or sitting down after a long day to feel her just moving around. It’s crazy to think about how my body is somehow creating another human being. Like what?! I’m growing them, supplying them with life, and pretty soon I will bring them into this world so they can become their own person someday. A total and complete miracle. I don’t think I will ever get over this feeling and how completely in awe of what a woman’s body can do.

While I have been feeling pretty good throughout this entire pregnancy, I do feel large these days. My clothes don’t fit, and overall my body feels larger. WHile my pregnancy symptoms have all been mild, I have absolutely had my fair share of pregnancy them. For instance, my “pregnancy brain” is there. I used to be able to remember everything, wouldn’t forget where my phone was, or need to make a to-do list of random items at work – it’s safe to say that is not the case anymore. Aside from forgetting my keys and locking myself out of the house, I also find myself forgetting words and will totally lose my train of thought. 

I also feel like I look forward to the day where I wake up, step on the ground, and my feet don’t hurt. 

Baby Kicks

This baby moves around so much, pretty much constantly throughout the day, especially after I’ve eaten any amount of sugar. She definitely has a sweet tooth and loves a good sugar rush.


While I have always had a name list that I like, as it’s real it became harder and harder to pick one. During one of our famous road trips, Chris and I came up with a list of names we both liked. We did decide to keep the name a secret until she’s here so there’s no telling those! Why? I feel like everyone I talk to has SUCH strong opinions on names they like or don’t. Which I completely understand. But I didn’t want to tell people names and see their negative reactions or some correlation that it made them think of. I want her to be her own little person. Plus, once she’s here, they’ll all just love her little face anyways. 


I have gotten a lot of questions about this and much to my surprise, even as I sit here writing this, it’s not done. We moved out of our little condo and have been so busy since we moved that her little nursery is still a work in progress. 

December and this little girl’s arrival will be here before we know it! I am so excited and anxious at the same time awaiting her arrival. 

~ XOXO, the very pregnant, Amanda // Blonde out of Water

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