25 Things You Might Not Know About Me

If you’ve ever read US Weekly they do a segment where they reveal 25 things you might not know about whatever celeb they feature. Obviously US Weekly will never feature myself, so I thought I’d feature myself. So that all of you can know a little bit more about me!

  1. I’m a lover of anything with water and sun. hint: why I always say I wish I was a mermaid. If I could find a way to ever become a modern day Ariel I would do it.
  2. I’ve lived in San Diego my whole life..except two years in North Carolina for college, and now I am living in Boston. And no, I have never experienced a blizzard, or even “real” snow…so needless to say this winter will be interesting.
  3. I came up with my blog name at work one day, brainstorming with my work bestie all day (I swear we did actually get work done) and came up this blonde out of water because a) I’m blonde and b) fish out of water…blonde out of water…get it? Also refer to #1 where I wish I was a mermaid.
  4. If for some reason my hair decided it didn’t want to be blonde anymore (I don’t dye it) I would have to dye it. I love being blonde…my life motto is: the blonder the better.
  5. I have to think through every situation before I do it, so some say I’m indecisive, which I won’t deny. Whether it is something small, like if I want pizza or pasta for dinner. Or a big life decision, like where I want to work, really anything.
  6. I’m have an extreme case of ophidiophobia, meaning snakes, I can’t even look at them, or picture them. YUCK! Going through the snake house at the zoo? FORGET IT!
  7. Speaking of fears, I hate needles and blood. I’ve had to had blood taken twice in my life and have passed out both times. That also just means I have to close my eyes a lot during Grey’s Anatomy.
  8. My favorite food is cheese, sushi coming in right behind it. But seriously, cheese is a big problem. Like when you’re eating Italian food and they’re shredding parmesan on your pasta and they say, “say when,” I always “forget” to say when because it’s never enough!
  9. I sleep better if it’s cold. Who doesn’t like to cuddle with blankets?
  10. I met my boyfriend at a previous job, where we worked in different departments, and we first bonded over ordering food together from an app called postmates which he introduced me to. When he said, “sometimes [from postmates] I order Ben and Jerry’s at night and eat the whole thing” I knew he could be the one;)
  11. I’d take iced coffee over hot coffee anytime, even on a cold day.
  12. I’ve never seen Star Wars, E.T., The Matrix, and a lot of other “must see” movies.
  13. I’m still waiting for the day that teachers would always tell you you would be able to do math in your head. Yeah, that never came for me. I still use my fingers, or my calculator.
  14. I hate not having toe nail polish on, I think toes look so weird without nail polish on. So even if it’s chipped, I won’t take it off til I have time to re-do it. And for the most part on my hands too.
  15. I had always wanted a dog growing up, my aunts and cousins had them, so I was from the start a dog lover. But my parents never gave in! When I was 20 and could afford a dog of my own, I got Gatsby! My mom? Thrilled. My dad? Pissed beyond belief. But guess who won my dad’s heart? Gatsby did!
  16. I always have an ongoing list of things I want to do, things I want to eat, and places I want to go. Currently: trying to find the BEST lobster roll in New England, wanting to kayak the Charles River, and travel…oh that list is too long.
  17. When I’m stressed or upset, I bake or clean. It’s very soothing for me.
  18. I love holidays. Christmas is by far my favorite, decorating for it, preparing for it, going to look at lights. It’s an all out or get out kind of mentality. And this year…I think I’ll (hopefully) be able to build my first snow man!
  19. My first job was a babysitter.
  20. My drinks of choice are always red wine or a margarita! I think taco tuesday, should be a weekly holiday.
  21. No matter how much I shop, I still have nothing to wear.
  22. I hate hair. Especially wet hair in the shower, even if it’s my own. If it’s not mine? I cringe even more and can’t go near it.
  23. Once when I told my coworker I had a blog, she asked if it was a fashion blog and I bursted out in laughter as I was wearing jeans and a tee that day. I feel like that would never happen with a fashion blogger as everyday would be their runway.
  24. My shoe size is an 8.5 or sometimes 9.
  25. The only food I don’t really like is mushrooms or olives, but in small doses I can handle them.

Can you relate to any of these? I’d love to hear!

~XOXO, the never to be famous, Amanda

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