11 Reasons To Inspire You To Travel To Southern Maine

I’m a fan of weekend getaways, being close to southern Maine, it’s perfect. But even if you aren’t close to it, it’s 100% worth going to. I could write about it, but pictures speak a thousand words. So here’s 11 pictures to let them speak for themseleves. Along with a few words from me.

The Views. Although this was a foggy morning, the marine layer was thick most of the weekend we were there..I still can’t help but to be memorized by this view. Located on: Marginal Way

The food. We ate so much good food, one place in particular stands out because we just popped in, and grabbed a pizza to eat  back at the hotel. This is the white clam pizza at La Pizzeria,and we were blown away.

The brunch. So I have been to this place (Roots) twice now. And every time it doesn’t disappoint. First, and only place I’ve had brie in an omelette. I’m not sure why more places don’t do this.

The drinks. If you know me then you know I’m a big fan of the sun..and so anything I can do and be in the sun. Also, if you know me you know I love margaritas. So perfect combo.

This hotel. I stayed here, at Cliff House, almost a year ago, and I think this resort made me fall in love a little with the NorthEast. Every detail is so nautical, from the rooms, to the lobby, restaurants. And I love it. This wall for example…

The ice cream. For someplace that gets so cold I was shocked at the amount of ice cream places. But they’re everywhere and they’re so good. (Excuse the awkward car selfie.)

The little towns. This one is perkins cove, which was about 5 minutes from the hotel we were staying at. And there’s little tourist shops, a few places to eat, you can sail/fish out of.

The lighthouses. This one in York is called Nubble light house, it’s on a little island right off the shore. I never met a light house I didn’t like and this one is no different.

The photo ops. Vacation with me is like “wait, wait, wait. Let me take this picture.” And everything here, makes it that much worse. (Sorry Danny, you’re the best)

The buoy everywhere.

…Literally everywhere. It speaks for itself. I love it.

I hope you’re convinced now!

~ XOXO, the traveling junkie, Amanda

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